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4 LinkedIn Tools you Should Know About

If you are searching for a job and you are using LinkedIn, there is no reason to worry! As the number one online job-hunting tool, LinkedIn helps you connect with thousands of recruiters around the world and keeps you informed about available career opportunities. Without a doubt, provided that you know how to use it you will find a job in no time.

While you may think you know everything about this professional networking platform, it is very possible that you haven’t yet discovered its full potential!

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To help you become more familiar with LinkedIn, check out these 4 LinkedIn tools that can facilitate your job search:

1. Detailed Job Search

In case you didn’t know, with LinkedIn you can now search for a job narrowing your search results by location and job function. The “Jobs” tab which is amongst the five main tabs just above your profile picture, allows you to search for the jobs you are interested in within a specific industry by clicking on the “Advanced Search” tool. You can also save your jobs and searches, which allows you to resume your job search at any point without losing the information you need.

2. LinkedIn Pulse

This new feature that’s under the “Interests” tab allows you to stay up to date with industry developments as well as follow thought leaders on LinkedIn. It is available as a mobile app and you can use it to get insightful information through newsfeeds based on your interests. Most LinkedIn users are following key industry influencers to ensure that their work is relevant and aligned with current trends in their field.

3. Groups Directory

On LinkedIn, you can search for a job by joining groups that are relevant to your field. Just introduce yourself to others members and let them know you are looking for a job! This is also an excellent way of meeting other professionals within your own industry, posting questions and getting advice. Make sure that you use the “Groups You May Like” and “Group Directory” tools.

4. Alumni Source Tool

An excellent way to increase your chances of finding a job on LinkedIn is expanding your network through alumni connections. The alumni source tool which is under the “Connections” tab has made it easier for you to connect with your past university colleagues with whom you share similar backgrounds and interests. Send your connections a message asking them how they’ve been and what they did after they after university. Since they know you, they might be able to recommend you for a job! 

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Apart from bringing you closer to employers, LinkedIn helps you search for a job, keeps you up to date on news related to your industry and interests and provides tips on how to make your job-hunting more effective!

Are you using LinkedIn to facilitate your job-hunting efforts? Let us know in the comment section below…



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