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4 Mobile Business Applications to Make Your Job Easier

mobile business apps

Yes, that’s right. Not only are you permitted to bring your mobile phone to work with you, but now you are actually encouraged to use it at work as well! In fact, the global number of employees using their smartphones at work is rapidly increasing and it is expected that by 2017 the number will reach 328 million. To put this figure into perspective, it is even higher than the entire population of the USA! Why the dramatic change in work culture? The answer is that mobile business solutions are making it possible for workers around the world to work more effectively and economically by using their mobile apps.

While not every app is available on all mobile devices, you can still choose one that accommodates your needs best. Check out these 4 mobile business apps:

#1 UberConference

UberConference makes your conferencing a lot easier. You can sign up for UberConference using your email address, Google+, Facebook or LinkedIn account. The app gives you unlimited calls for only $10 a month per user for the pro account. It has a visual element to audio calls so you are able to see who you are talking with using the participant profiles from your address book and social networks.

Special features:  It allows you to record conversations as mp3s and share them with your colleagues.

#2 Here On Biz

Here on Biz brings together your entire professional contacts list into one app, free of charge! This way you can see which contacts are physically nearby and to get introduced with new professionals who you share same interests with. Moreover, it allows you to check in with the app at a conference and equips you with a list of other users who have checked in. Here On Biz offers instant connection and tools for setting up a face-to-face meeting.

Special feature: It turns your online LinkedIn connections into real life contacts.

#3 Nimble

Nimble is the simply insightful relationship manager which connects your networks bringing your contacts’ social activity e.g. Twitter, Facebook, email etc. into one stream for easy monitoring. It supports the idea that success means efficient communications and nurtured relationships so it helps you make more personal introductions. With only $16 a month per user or the business plan, you can build strong relationships and manage these relationships so that you effectively grow your business.

Special Feature: Records all your sales leads in one place.

#4 EvernoteBusiness

EvernoteBusiness allows you to connect with your colleagues and create a collaborative hub where you can all brainstorm, develop and launch projects for your business through the app’s notebooks. It has an easy searchable access and it only costs $10 a month per user. Also, it makes audio clips and photos accessible as well as editable for everyone within the company.

Special Feature: if you start typing in one notebook, relevant content from other colleagues’ notebooks will pop up in a sidebar automatically.

Check this infographic from Needa.ie to discover how these mobile applications can help you with your job!

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