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4 New Business Start-up Trends in the UK

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It’s always inspiring to hear how some of the biggest names on the global business stage got rolling. Some say they became business icons by luck, while others note they did so by design, strategy or by accident. Irrespective of the road you choose to travel to the top as an entrepreneur, you can always boost your chances of making it big by starting a business which is in line with the current trends.

1. Microbrewery


Business analysts list microbrewery as a lucrative venture for start-ups in the UK. Also known as craft beer or independently-owned breweries, the sector is seen as a revolution in the British beer industry. Annual festivals meant to support microbrewery products are gaining rapid popularity. Restaurants and pubs are pushing up their stockpiles owing to the growing public demand for the craft beers’ innovative tastes, quality and flavor. Experts expect the industry’s net worth to hit GBP 45 billion by 2017.

2. Raspberry Pi


When the Raspberry Pi Foundation introduced the first credit card-sized computers to help children learn computer-related sciences, things didn’t go well. The computers’ improved versions are, however, performing beyond expectations as both government and private schools order the devices in plenty. This is because teachers can connect the learning-aide gadgets to TVs or projectors and access software programs, the Internet, and educative games. The foundation is currently offering people the opportunity to distribute these products. Software developers are allowed to improve the gadgets’ features and sell them as brand new products without giving the foundation any commissions.

3. Cleantech


Cleantech business ventures grant entrepreneurs tax incentives and other forms of support from government agencies such as the UK Technology Strategy Board. It’s easy to make it in this industry, especially if you’re passionate about the environment and you want to contribute toward handling all sorts of pollutants. Some cleantech companies specialise in domestic or industrial waste management, while others are in the recycling business or the clean energy sector. Eco-friendly software, fashion and food production ventures can all be explored under the cleantech umbrella, making it a start-up venture that’s open to all, irrespective of age, social or professional background.

4. Virtual Worker


Online businesses are expected to hit billions of pounds in net worth come 2018. People who are setting up online enterprises now are, for this reason, likely to be among the entrepreneurs to watch in a couple of years. Virtual business suits you whether you’re a doctor, an architect, a writer or a farmer. All you need is a computer with steady Internet, cloud computing connections, power, a phone line, and an innovative idea to offer services on a global scale. As a doctor or an engineer in the UK, you can, for instance, teach foreign medical or engineering university students via Skype or offer professional advice to people across the world at a fee.

Note that you don’t need to have a lot of money or commit to debts to set up some of these businesses and grow them into big entities. All you need is passion, determination and an ingenious idea which can shift or create new market trends.

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