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4 Reasons to Seek Criticism

No matter what you do or how you do it, you're always going to find someone that doesn't like it or is against it. You'll always get people voicing their concerns and sharing their negativity. But that's no reason to cower away and hide and avoid criticism. You should seek it. Criticism is a good thing and you won't realise your potential without it. So here's four reasons why you should start searching for it:

1. It's a sign of success.

Nobody criticises the unknown nobody. They criticise the successful somebody. You can't have success without criticism.

Every successful person, company or thing in every walk of life, industry or on any planet has critics. Footballers, entrepreneurs, actors, authors, athletes, Nike, McDonalds, Burberry, BMW, iPads, deodorant cans, hats, planes, you name it. Someone, somewhere, will have something negative to say about the lot of them. But that doesn't mean they're bad things, it just means that they're not for everyone.

Those that are achieving, striving, innovating and succeeding have critics. Those that do nothing, don't have critics.

No one likes to kick someone when they're down, they prefer to knock them off their perch. So if you're not climbing onto that perch, then what's the point in criticising you?

When you start attracting critics, you know you're heading in the right direction.

2. You're onto something that people care about.

Otherwise they wouldn't bother to speak up and criticize you would they? Nobody goes through the effort of broadcasting and spreading criticisms about something they don’t care about.

But, for every couple of critics, there must at least one fan. There's got to be. Even if they're hard to find. If you think something's a goer, then someone else, somewhere else, will too. So, even if there's millions of people shutting you out and criticising, it doesn't matter, because whatever it is you're doing is clearly not for them. So don't give up because all it takes is a couple of people to start spreading an idea. It just takes a handful to turn something small into something big.

When you start attracting critics, you know you're onto something important.

3. It teaches you to focus on what you think is right.

If, all of a sudden, everyone has an opinion on your work, if you payed attention to it all, you'd never get any sleep. It would be overwhelming.

Having lots of critics means that you get plenty of practice at ignoring the opinions of those that don't matter to you and focusing more on those that do.

4. You overcome fear.

We're scared of criticism. That's why we don't like it. We know that if we make too much noise, we'll be criticised. We think that this criticism will spread and that everyone we know will hear it and agree with it and change how they think of us. We think it'll damage our reputation and that scares us.

The truth is, those that care about you will always care about you anyway, no matter what and those that don't care and go along with the critics, you're better off without. So don’t let the fear stop you from doing something you love or think will work.

Seek Criticism

Despite what people will have you believe, criticism is a good thing. You’ll grow and develop through learning how to handle those that criticise and the mere fact that people might criticise is further proof that you’re doing something worthwhile.

So don’t let the fear of criticism stop you from pursuing your dreams or making decisions in line with your passion. Start doing something today that you suspect you’ll be criticised for. Go looking for it. Practice makes perfect.



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