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WEB & TECH / DEC. 17, 2014
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4 Reasons Why Every Blog Should Publish Evergreen Content

Seasoned search engine optimization professionals, web marketers and blog owners understand that evergreen content is important to attracting consistent attention to a website. When a blog continually neglects to publish content that remains relevant and fresh to readers then they risk facing extinction. 

The trend in the last few years has been to incorporate evergreen content into your company’s business model, whether it’s a blog, tech firm or a financial services outlet. Blog posting is a great method to garner eyeballs to your product, but writing evergreen articles is crucial to maintaining a steady stream of viewers or customers.

Indeed, writing newsworthy articles is great, too, but how many people in a few years will peruse "Fed Chair Janet Yellen makes an announcement on interest rates" compared to "How do interest rates work?" The former may generate instant clicks for a week or two, but the latter will continually create readers.

Some websites have become immensely successful over a long period of time because of their early adoption of the evergreen initiative, such as Wikipedia, eHow, and IMDB.

Blogs and other types of websites that have refrained from inserting evergreen content into their web pages must immediately revise that stance. Moving forward, in-depth, well-written evergreen content should be on the company’s New Year’s resolutions list. 

Here are four reasons why every blog should publish evergreen content: 

1. Long-term Viewership 

As previously mentioned, news stories only attract a certain number of clicks for a short period of time. Meanwhile, evergreen content will consistently bring clicks to the website because it’s something that readers are regularly seeking out, whether it’s a specific food recipe, a DIY guide or a how-to article.

2. Authority Image 

If your website is focused on economics or crypto currency then, evergreen content related to this field will definitely showcase your brand as an authority on the topic. Instead of simply summarizing various stories on the news of the day, your business or writers are providing detailed information pertaining to monetary policy, Internet marketing or e-book publishing. This suggests to potential customers that you’re an expert and a professional in this area.

3. Search Engine Rankings 

Due to evergreen content’s timelessness and high-quality, these kinds of articles perform extremely well on search engines over time. As the months go by, evergreen content inches closer to the top of the first page - though depending on the topic, it can be quite difficult to achieve if other authoritative have the same subject matter. But that’s another issue.

4. History Repeats Itself 

As the old adage goes, history repeats itself. How does this translate to SEO? Well, when a news story happens, viewers will want to understand the history of the story. For instance, when New York Yankees shortstop Derek Jeter retired, fans likely searched "greatest New York Yankees players of all time." Or, if a major scandal breaks within a presidential administration, news junkies may type in "worst U.S. president scandals in history." The evergreen content is just as relevant as news articles.

Here are four tips to consider when publishing evergreen content on your blog: 

  • Update: About once a year, take an inventory of your evergreen articles and find out if they need to be updated. If so, update accordingly and ensure that the reports are not out of date.

  • Write for Everyone: Yes, we’re all highly trained, educated or skilled in various subjects. However, when we write on the topic in question, we can’t be too technical and overuse jargon. Articles must be written so everyone can understand.

  • Narrow the Topics: Once you have an area in mind try to condense that into a specific topic. Rather than writing, "how to use a tablet" try penning "how to use a Samsung Galaxy TAB4." The narrower, the better.

  • Link: Upon publishing the article, try to link everything together to generate more page views for various pieces on the website. Web experts liken it to a "growing tree" where everything is connected.

Evergreen content can be rather fun and exciting to produce because you’re using your mind, research skills and writing techniques to create compelling content for everyone to enjoy and gain insight. Writers want the latest scoop, but sometimes the past can be just as good, and rewarding, too. 


Photo by 10ch via Flickr.

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