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CVS / FEB. 23, 2015
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4 Résumé Mistakes Employers Hate


Career specialists are constantly saying you should proofread your résumé before sending it to potential employers. Why? The main reason behind it is you don’t want to hinder all your job hunting efforts and ultimately have your résumé thrown in the trash because of résumé mistakes!

A main component of making a resume appealing enough to recruiters and standing out from the competition lies in the content and the structure of the document itself. What you are writing on your resume can help you sell yourself on the document effectively, provided that you choose your words wisely.

So if you have been applying for jobs and never hear back from employers, it is possible that there is something recruiters don’t like about your résumé. Check out the following 4 common resume mistakes to figure out what you might be doing wrong:

#1 Résumé lacks focus

Your résumé should show the employer within a few seconds what you want to do and what you are good at. If it lacks focus, it means you have failed in getting the attention of employers, and you end up only confusing them further. On this note, you need to be focusing on creating a customised  résumé for each job – rather than a “generic” one. A customised résumé demonstrates a clear match between your skills and the job’s criteria. Here’s how you can retain focus on your resume and immediately catch the reader’s eye:

  • Include a ‘headline’: a sentence that states the title and position you are applying for.
  • Add a ‘branding statement’: an ‘ad-like’ statement that tells employers what you can bring to the company.

#2 Résumé is not bulleted

If your résumé gives out the impression of being a long difficult to read document, then employers won’t waste more than 5 seconds of their time to try and get some sense out of it. This is the reason every résumé needs bullet points to help keep the text simple, concise and structured. Also, this makes your résumé engaging and help employers concentrate on the key points that will make you stand out as a suitable candidate.

#3 Résumé highlights duties instead of achievements

When writing your résumé, it’s not enough to just list what you have done at your previous jobs. Writing down what you have learned is even more important than describing what you have done. This kind of information show employers you have developed through time and acquired some skills that are essential to the job, so don’t neglect to mention these on your résumé. If you want to stand out from competition, your résumé should focus on your success; not your obligations, so make sure that you clearly state your key achievements and skills learnt related to the job on offer. 

#4 Résumé includes incorrect information

If your résumé includes incorrect information and you are stating that you are detail-oriented and a perfectionist you may be coming out as a liar. Be careful when putting important data on the document such as phone numbers or emails especially in your ‘about you’ and references section.  It is possible that employers will call the number you provided and find out you were giving out the wrong information. This ultimately creates a negative impression around your name and your résumé is regarded as unreliable. 

These are some of the most common résumé mistakes employers hate but still see every day when going over candidates’ credentials. In order to ensure you are not one of these candidates, make the appropriate changes on your résumé and start getting noticed!

Have you missed out on a job because you made any of these mistakes? Your thoughts and Comments below please...

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