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CVS / JUL. 11, 2013
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4 Resume Writing Mistakes to Avoid

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The number one priority of a job seeker is their resume. It is the initial contact that they have with the employer; therefore it is also the most important document in their job application. Recruiters base the decision of whether or not to interview a candidate on the quality of their resume. These are the reasons that job seekers should pay close attention to their resume and make sure that it is of the highest quality.

The following are the top 5 mistakes that you should avoid when writing your resume:

Including Personal Details

The primary purpose of your resume is to deliver important and relevant information to the recruiter. This includes details such as your experiences, qualifications and contact details – however many job seekers make the mistake of including personal information, for example: date of birth, nationality, height, weight or home address. Use the space of your resume wisely and leave this information out!

Typos and Grammatical Mistakes

Spelling errors and grammatical mistakes are the number one pet peeve of recruiters. Therefore job seekers are advised to make sure that they have no mistakes in their resume. Proofread your resume and ask a friend or family member to read the document to ensure that it is void of such errors.

Excessive Styling and Different Fonts

While it is tempting to separate text with different font sizes, colors and styling, job seekers should try to stick to a uniform format. Excessive styling is often distracting and makes your resume look unprofessional. The presentation of the document is largely dependent on the formatting, therefore you should try to keep it simple, professional and clean.

Out of Date Information

Whether it is contact details or specific dates of qualifications, it important that you update the information on your resume prior to sending it to recruiters. Many graduates often forget to update their email address after completing university, thus resulting in lack of communication from employers. Make sure you check all the details on your resume before you press ‘send’!

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