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4 SEO Tricks to Develop Brand Awareness


If you want your business to come up amongst the highest results and stand out in searches, you have to develop an effective marketing strategy. Luckily, there are many SEO - search engine optimisation tricks you can apply to your strategy to make sure you are increasing the chances of your business getting discovered by more people!

Especially in such a competitive economy, optimising your business website for Google and other search engines is vital if you want your business to be successful.  So, here are the 4 SEO tricks that will help you build brand awareness:

#1 Choose the right keywords

It is important to choose the right keywords as these will essentially bring traffic to your business website. Make sure that you carefully select few keywords that people are most likely to use when referring to your business. Avoid choosing too many words as they won’t be as effective as those keywords that are highly associated with your brand or products.

Google AdWords can help you choose the right ones for your business as it shows you the most searched for keywords and the competition to rank against those keywords. The following graphic will help you get an idea on how Google AdWords works:

As you can see, Google AdWords allows you to check which keywords have a high match search volume on a global and local level. At this point you will need to focus on the 4th column to look for keywords with high local monthly searches associated with your business. When you are looking for keywords with AdWords make sure they are not too broad or too competitive as this will take a long time to achieve high ranks. 

#2 Create meta tags

Meta tags help search engines identify your website and information related to your business as they control your site description in Google and other search engines. Also, they provide useful information in terms of page description, keywords, author of the document and date modified. It is important to include your selected keywords when creating your tag types, including site title, site description and site keywords so that these effectively support each other. Visit OnlineMetaTag to create your own meta tags for free!

#3 Look for inbound links to your site

If you want to develop your brand awareness, you will need to get as many website links as possible to link back to your business site. Basically, you are going to have to find other websites that can relate to your business or services and that already have a high SEO standing in Google. Start by guest posting on blogs in order to get a link back to your site.  

#4 Publish relevant content

It’s vital that your content reflects the keywords you selected in order to describe your business services and products. Failure to do so might lead to sabotaging your own efforts in terms of promoting your brand. Also, allow people to share your content with their circles on social media channels by including social sharing buttons and links to Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+ and Pinterest!

Hopefully, these 4 SEO tricks will help you generate more traffic to your business website thus building on your brand awareness! So, what’s your secret to effectively promoting your business?

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