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4 Signs You Are NOT Acing the Interview

Ah the good old bowel loosing, nerve racking interview! Sure, you might look like this by the end of it, but even during the interview questions your squeaky annoying internal voice will give you a little poke and say: “Hey…HEY! How are we doing?” to which your brain will respond with a panicked “Holy heck I have no idea! Abandon ship! Abandon ship!” Well, as there are many benefits to understanding how well your interview is going, including the ones below, these are four signs that you are not acing the interview.

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1. Bored


So off the bat, assessing what is actually botching the interview can help you modify that behavior and tailor it to your benefit. Read the interviewer if he/she seems bored every time you go into a long winded soliloquy about your time in the reenacted arming of Richard the Lion-heart; you might want to stop mentioning your love of medieval reenacting for the duration of the interview. Maybe that’s another beneficial piece of advice; try to talk more about your professional experience than your experience as a medieval soldier…okay fine, as a knight.

2. Body Language

Teen hipster Relaxing

Although many people (especially interviewers) have a poker face that could even bluff out Danny Ocean but let’s say they have a poker face that could trick any famous poker player, all humans involuntarily show their intentions with their body language. Although the signs are subtle, most people can discern the other person’s perception of you almost instinctually. Let me give you an example: what does someone crossing their arms across their chest say to you? Okay, yeah, I guess they could be cold, but let’s imagine that the imaginary person you are seeing is temperature-ally comfortable.  Exactly! (Phew! Finally! I thought you were going to rub your chin raw thinking about the answer) They seem stand-offish. If your interviewer crosses his/her arms over their chest at any point during the interview that means they are probably not thrilled with you. That’s your cue to reengage and try to catch their attention again or even better make them rethink how they evaluated you.

3. Non-Engagement

Kind of in line with the previous observation, if you see that your interviewer isn’t actively engaged in a conversation and speaking at you, not to you you might want to start worrying. If you see a sudden change in the interviewers inflection (usually from an excited tone to a very blasé speech pattern) you need to see what created that shift. If you can, of course, because as we know interviews have a very specific duration.

4. Too Short

Two Businesswomen Shaking Hands

On that note, if you start seeing that the interviewer is trying to cut things short, well, my jobless friend this is your swan song. Much like every other communicative interaction people have, the more interesting and engaging it is, the longer we want to sustain it. If the interviewer is firing off questions just to go through the motions and get the interview over and done with then that is a pretty good indication that they are not interested in you.

Do you know of any other signs that might indicated that your interview isn’t going as well as you’d like? Let us know in the comment section below.

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