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JOB SEARCH / MAY. 27, 2014
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4 Steps to Reinventing Yourself for Your Dream Job

Dream Job

Ready for something new and vastly better in your career? Your dream job is just over the horizon, if you know how to get there. 

If you are like many job hunters – there’s a good chance that you have jumped through all the hoops associated with scouting for work. You’ve made your fingers bleed sending in scores of applications, spent weeks waiting for interview requests to come in, and then endured the interviews themselves. You have sat through awkward interviews and have taken assessments to prove your skills. And finally, finally…you have the job offer! You believe that you are in your dream job. You’ve earned some respect.

Not many people can lay a claim to this fortune. Not with nearly ten percent of the workforce without a job and countless others underemployed. Now that you’ve accomplished the impossible, it’s time to turn your job into a career you can truly live with.

Is There Such a Thing as a Dream Job? 

The fact is, most people want to reinvent themselves to pursue their dream careers. But unfortunately, there are many who find themselves short of fulfilling their expectations even if they manage to be in their chosen occupations. That is usually because these people fail to reinvent themselves to suit their careers.

To illustrate this point further -- imagine that you want to be an Olympic swimmer. But unless you are prepared to go through the years of strenuous training to build your body and train your mind to sustain at the highest levels of competition, you will not realize your dream. Likewise, if you want to become happier and better in your job, it’s up to you to put the hard work in to mold your life and skills around this job.

Steps to Reinventing Your Career and Your Life  

Given below are guidelines and steps you can take to reinvent yourself in a career that fits.

Step #1 - Take a Holistic View of Your Situation

Take a bird's eye view of your current career situation. Take stock of the employment market, the expectations your boss and/or organization have from you, and the strategy you have been following for so long to sustain and advance your career. You’ll also want to gauge how far you are from achieving your goals, and where do you want to be on the career ladder or the fulfillment scale five years down the line? Answer these questions honestly. The answers will help you chalk out a blueprint for your personal reinvention strategy.

Step #2 - Take a Step Back for a Moment

If you are pondering over the above-mentioned questions and getting nowhere, then you will need to take a break from it. Retreat to somewhere quiet where you can be alone and again mull over these questions. These are life-changing questions, and you will need all the focus and mindfulness you can muster to find out the answers. Such soul-searching is usually not possible if you also have deadlines on your mind or have a meeting to attend to in the next 10 minutes.

Step #3 - Look Around for Inspiration

Search for people in your field and in your professional networks for inspiration. Look at how they have reinvented themselves to fit into a career they love. Ask for tips from them. If these inspiring people are celebrities whom you cannot call up any day, read their life stories. Even if they have not published their memoirs, you can read up on them on the Internet.

Step #4 - Formulate a Vision

Finally, visualize a new you, the one who has actually reinvented himself and is now happily and peacefully making outstanding strides in his career. Work with a qualified career coach or a mentor in your industry to help you see this vision more clearly. The power of visualization is undeniable. Believe that you have it in yourself to bring about a change.

The above-mentioned ways of reinventing yourself in a career that fits will help you achieve your dreams and inspire others to take control of their lives and jobs. Go ahead and get inspired to make a positive change that can impact your career for the long term.

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