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4 Things to Do When You're Bored with Your Job

In an online survey conducted on behalf of CreativeLive, about 40% out of 1,120 employed people said they wanted to leave their jobs. It is common to be uninspired by your job, and you’ll experience mixed feelings about leaving your position of employment mostly due to loss of income. However, there are many ways you can renew passion in your job. You’ll not only retain it, you might find yourself wanting to stay around longer than you intended.


Vary Your Routine

If you perform tasks in the same way every day, you’ll become dull and sluggish, and eventually lose interest in the job at hand. You should find ways to stimulate your brain constantly in order to improve alertness and your degree of accuracy when conducting work. You could choose to sit in a different chair or desk, listen to music, and try working with different people. In most workplaces, you can even request to work off-site and go home or work from your favorite café. A change of environment will definitely refresh your mind.

1. Take Valuable Breaks

Over coffee or lunch breaks, take time to engage with colleagues and superiors on topics outside work. In between tasks, if you find yourself with free time on your hands, you could take a web-browsing break and read articles that interest you and do not pertain to work. Assimilating information like this stimulates your mind and broadens your perspective when approaching work.

2. Expand Your Horizons

Always be on the lookout for openings, positions, subject areas or tasks that interest you, even if they do not necessarily fall in your current job description. You’ll be able to learn new skills and reenergize yourself. Such inspiration renews your enthusiasm and makes it easier for to be able to perform well in your duties.

3. Find Cause and Impact

A common cause for dissatisfaction at work is when you’re unable to identify what contribution you make in your workplace or organization. Whenever you feel yourself being faced with a mundane task, take a moment to reflect on how that task benefits your organization. Such intentional thinking enables you to take stock of all your duties so that you meaningfully engage in them.

4. Create a Visual Map

You might find a project stagnating or that you’re losing perspective on a particular assignment. In such instances, you could map out your ideas on paper, preferably using diagrams, so that you can keep track of their trajectories. Being able to visualize your objectives helps you reinforce your ideas. It also gives you an outlook of what you need to do, what you can change and what can be done away with.


A job is a temporary thing, but a career is long-term. Each job you’re in is a step towards your career dreams. Taking time to do your job enables you to fulfill such long-term goals, as you are able to gain depth of experience with each position. For this reason, do not quit every time you feel your job is unsatisfying. Instead, find other ways to reinforce your investment in every position you fill, and you will always find work rewarding.

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