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4 Things You Deserve From Your Job (Besides a Paycheck)

You think you deserve everything in life just because you were bestowed as God’s given gift to humanity. When you finally find a poor shmuck to employ you (i.e. tolerate you in exchange for cheap labor) you will undoubtedly feel like you deserve more than just a paycheck. Although a Rolls Royce Wraith isn’t one of them, there are some things though beyond a paycheck that you deserve from your job.

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1. Challenge

challenge accepted

Yes, one of the most counterintuitive things you deserve from your work is more work- wait just hear me out. With more work comes more responsibility and possibility to progress within an organization. Also, dealing with a difficult situation while meeting the supervisors’ expectations will help you prove yourself to them and hopefully score a promotion, a raise or at least the grounds on which to ask for a raise. Beyond that benefit, the experience you gain from successful projects will not only make you more valuable to the company but also make your resume more appealing in case you feel like moving to a different company.

2. Trust and Freedom

trust fall

Much like Braveheart, we all deserve a little freedom (accompanied by an epic soundtrack), especially if we have proven ourselves trust-worthy and competent. Not only is micromanaging demotivating and morale crushing but it is also disrespectful. So, when you’re asking for freedom and trust you’re basically asking for respect and dignity also…you greedy little tool.

3. Creativity


Or, more appropriately, the ability to use your creativity. If your current employer has a “my way or the highway” style of human resource management they are wasting the vast deposit of talent under their supervision. That’s just the immediate effect; they could easily just loose all the talented members in their team. Because just like any bad relationship, sooner or later, the person being wasted is going to realize that they are too good to deal with that kind of crap and hit the highway that was offered in the beginning.

4. Room To Grow

alice in wonderland

So, you have the challenge, the trust and the freedom to use your creativity but all that isn’t worth jack if you don’t have room to grow because ultimately why else would you bother investing somewhere when you can’t go anywhere. It’s like buying a train ticket without a destination and it takes you on a ride and brings you back to the starting point. Or any other allegory that isn’t as labored as my train one. Yes, you deserve the space to grow especially if you have proven yourself worthy of growing. If not, then just keep quiet, if you do the bare minimum that’s bound to catch up with you at some point.

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Are there any other things you think people deserve beyond their weekly or monthly paycheck? Let us know in the comments section below.

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