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WORKPLACE / NOV. 26, 2014
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4 Tips to Making Meetings More Effective

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I’m yet to find someone that truly looks forward to company meetings and thinks they are efficient and extremely productive. I for one, dislike those a lot. I don’t understand why my boss always insists we have to hold meetings every Monday afternoon with other impromptu ones in the middle of every working day. Truth be told, there is little or no improvement at all with the efficiency and attaining of the company’s goals.

It’s ironical how large companies often hold never ending frequent meetings that produce less or no desired results at all. Many at times it’s a total waste of the rather valuable company time. If it were up to me, I would like to see a change in the way companies conduct meetings. It would be impractical to do away with the meetings completely as they are vital but these companies can implement a few changes to make them efficient. Check them out below;

#1 Less is More

The popular statement “the more the merrier” doesn’t apply to meetings at all. Too many cooks spoil the broth when it comes to meetings for sure therefore, having as few member as possible works wonders. Think about it; it’s harder to stay on target and intention of the meeting when less people attend and ultimately it is more difficult to save on time. The next time you want to hold a meeting, be selective about your invitations and watch what happens.

#2 Reduce the Planned Meeting Time by Half

As is the custom, most meetings have a predetermined time that dictates when they start and end. Too much time is wasted doing unproductive and irrelevant stuff during the meeting. Most of the meetings can be handled with half the time they are originally planned for. Hence try this tip today by scheduling time which you think is enough for the meeting then use half the time for it. You will be surprised at how much time you will save. What you don’t know is that this will work to your advantage as the participants will be excited for the “short” meetings. Focus and concentration will be their priority and eventually you will see efficiency from them.

#3 Clearly Explain the End Goal

Meetings with no stated goal can really drive the participants crazy. They are boring to the core. This is to say that in order to have productive and effective meetings, be sure to let the participants know the end goal prior to the meeting. They will come prepared to tackle the goal which ultimately saves time and ensures great results for the company at large.

#4 A Law Enforcer is Vital

I know that adults dislike rules but sometimes enforcers come in handy. This is because people tend to veer of the track and drift into something so far from the target of the meeting and therefore need someone who has the power to bring them back on track. Sometimes people make unnecessary noise and become a little rowdy and if this issue is not properly addressed, things can go haywire. Enough said.


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