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INTERVIEWS / APR. 23, 2016
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4 Truths You Obviously Shouldn't Share in an Interview

It is said that honesty is the best policy, but sometimes you shouldn’t tell the whole truth in interviews. There are certain things that you really shouldn’t share anywhere, if possible not even with yourself. What you do behind closed doors should stay that way…in the dark, dank corner of your tickle dungeon. Although you might feel like you need to share your perversions with your future employer, don’t. These are 4 truths that you obviously shouldn’t share in an interview if you want to look professional.

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1. Extreme Political Views

Sure you have a mildly popular blog dedicated to how Carreta-Carreta sea turtles are at the center of a global conspiracy to overthrow the government of New Zealand, but you should obviously keep that to yourself. Talking politics at work, let alone insanely extreme ideologies is a huge mistake especially in an interview.

Showing any type of political affiliation can significantly hurt your job prospects, no matter what they are, yes including your very vocal support of Presidential Candidate Deez Nutz. Which judging from what’s going on at the moment wouldn’t be that ridiculous of a choice.

2. Extreme Religious Views

You see the pattern developing here? Anything that carries the prefix Extreme should be avoided. It doesn’t matter if you are a dedicated Jedi disciple, a convert to the word of C’Thulhu or dedicated Raelian these extreme ideologies should unquestionably be left unsaid during an interview…Yes, I understand your undying love for the Flying Spaghetti Monster makes you compulsively want to spread its gospel, but do it on your own time.

3. Your Undergarments

I understand that you spent a pretty penny on the premium lingerie set you are wearing, but I doubt the interviewer will have the same appreciation for Juicy Couture undergarments. Personal details, especially details that would make most civilized individuals cringe are probably subjects you should veer away from during interviews.

This includes anything of a sexual nature, concerning sexual identity (being a pansexual is fine…just don’t talk about it in an interview) and anything regarding your choice of sexy underwear. Especially if you point it out with the phrase: “My business suit might say, man on a mission, but my lingerie says ready for submission”.

4. Recreational Drug Use

tim leary

We all let our hair down, some of us have a glass of wine others enjoy putting enough barbiturates into their bloodstream to make them grin while lying on the floor relieving themselves. Employers generally want intelligent, responsible individuals that avoid engaging in “less than legal” recreational activities. Yes, your spirit walks through the middle of Piccadilly while tripping on Peyote is exactly one of those “less than legal” things. So when you’re asked: What do you like to do in your free time? You might want to avoid saying:  experienced Psychonaut, “Herbalist” (while making finger quotes) or recreational crack-head.

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Are there any other painfully obvious things you should avoid revealing during an interview? Let us know in the comment section below. Just do it anonymously…you don’t want a potential employer stumbling on to this do you?

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