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4 Types of Terrible Bosses From History

If you ever had to grumble about your job, you would probably complain about waking up very early in the morning to go and bum the whole day doing the same old thing. You are sure that your lifestyle could be replayed on VLC anytime because you never do anything different and you hate that. Couple that with having to listen to your cube-mate Jane blurt out her marital problems everyday and you have the perfect recipe for a terrible job. While this is bad enough, imagine having an unappreciative bad boss as well.

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It has been reported that 75% of employees say their boss is the worst part of their job. A different report revealed that employees would forgo higher paying jobs to keep working with a wonderful boss. Clearly, terrible bosses are a pain in the ass. You have probably watched ‘Devil Wears Prada’ and still think that your boss is in his own diabolical league. Read about these terrible bosses from history, and then you will probably appreciate your mini-devil.

1. The Unapologetic Oppressor

the immortan joe

The closest crazy and terrible thing associated with Max that you might remember is the movie Mad Max:Fury Road. While Max, in this case, was fighting a terrible boss, the 1900’s Max Blanck and his counterpart Isaac Harris, who jointly owned the Triangle Waist Company in New York, were also a terror.

Max and Isaac paid meager wages to their immigrant female workers who worked extremely long hours and were beaten up by hired female prostitutes whenever they protested about mistreatment. These two bosses were awfully sadistic that they would lock their workers in the factory to prevent them from stealing the company’s products. At least your boss lets you go home and enjoy a few hours of happiness at the end of the day.

These two diabolical bosses, Max and Isaac, reached the epitome of their villainy when a fire broke out in the factory, and 146 employees painfully lost their lives. Imagine being stuck in a burning building with only two options that only result in death. Workers stuck on the 8th floor were forced to choose between jumping 8 storeys down to a pulpy death or wait for the raging fires to consume them.

Well, you might be burning with fury at the moment but hold on. Insurance paid the families of the deceased $400 each, but Max and Isaac remitted only $75. Yeah, I also think they should burn in hell!

2. The Sadistic Monster

king joffrey and queen margaery

Yes! King Joffrey Baratheon is dead! Words cannot explain how elated you were when you saw this scene in Game of Thrones season 4. (Oops! Spoiler alert for those lagging behind). He could only be described as vicious, cruel, tyrannical, sadistic, and arrogant….. a Caligula.

Caligula was the popular nickname of a monstrous Roman emperor, Gaius Julius Caesar Augustus Germanicus. According to Historian Suetonius, Caligula treated his subordinates in an inhumane manner. At the slightest provocation, he would saw them in half, throw them to the beasts and cages, disembowel them, brand them, condemn them to work in the mines and flog them. The emperor was so hot tempted that all it took for an employee to be lion’s meat was a healthy criticism to a gladiator show.

In the present world, senators and high ranking officials in the ruling government are treated and regarded in high esteem. You would not think for a moment that your senator obligatorily holds the napkin at the president’s dinner table. Backtrack to 37 CE when this was the scenario. High-ranking senators were forced to run beside the emperor’s chariot in their togas for several miles and wait for Caligula at the table, with a napkin in hand.

3. The Control Freak

boss carried by employees

An hour does not pass by before your helicopter boss walks up to your desk to ‘keep tabs’. He or she is always poking his nose into your business trying to catch you on your Facebook homepage and scold you silly. All you can think of is how to find a wall post to hang in his office reminding him that all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. This is free advice- find a cupcake and a thank-you card to send to your boss early Monday morning. Do you know why? His micromanagement skills and control-freak traits are nowhere close to George Pullman’s.

George Pullman [302 from] was an American industrialist who made a fortune after inventing the sleeping car, popularly known as the Pullman car. To help him build his business empire, Pullman invested in employees that he ended up protecting more than he should have. He literally wanted to be their father but, an abusive, scary and drunken kind of father.

Pullman bought a huge chunk of land and built a town for his employees to live in. Of course this was great news, no commuting costs, and better yet, you get to have a stronger and longer relationship with your blankets in the cold morning. This was bliss until, just like when playing the Sims, Pullman invented new ways to torture his inhabitants.

The little Pullman haven turned into a prison. No one was allowed to be in a bar, hold public meetings or have free press. Pullman supervisors were sent to inspect each home to ensure that they were kept spotless, and anyone who did not match up to the Pullman standards was given 10 days to vacate Pullman city. You could think that these employees had a choice. Well, no. They were paid in Pullman Scrip, which could only be traded in Pullman town and could not be traded for actual money. Therefore, they were basically stuck in the city until evacuated by Pullman himself.

4. The Power-Abusive Pervert

man kissing woman

Working with the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) is probably your dream or your child’s dream. While this is a great dream to have in the present day, it was a nightmare between 1935 and 1972. During this period, J. Edgar Hoover was the director, and for lack of a better word, an asshole.

When signing your contract with the FBI, at no point do you commit to doing random silly work at the director’s residence. Unfortunately for agents during the Hoover tenure, being on call 24-hours a day for houseboy work was the order of the day. Hoover would call in an agent to repair his lawnmower. Worse still, he would send animal turd to the FBI lab for analysis, claiming that a wild animal was stalking him.

Hoover is also said to fire agents because their heads were too small and controlled where and what his employees could or couldn’t live and wear.

Not only was Hoover a control-freak but also a pervert. He had a file of nude photos, not of porn stars, but everyone he knew. It is allegedly said that he had nude photos of Eleanor Roosevelt, the longest serving First-Lady of the United States, for no particular reason. All we can say is, so much for an investigative job Hoover!

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Did you know that October 16th was America’s National Boss Day? Well, now you know. I hope you are thankful if you have a great boss and prayed for the redemption of a terrible one.

Do you have a bad boss? Please tell us how he or she compares to the devils we just discussed.


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