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4 Ways to Boost Your Job Marketability

Job marketability is the ability to sell yourself to employers – your knowledge, expertise, and overall value as an employee. Whether you’re fresh out of college or have been working on your job a number of years, boosting your job marketability translates into success. The ability to market yourself and your skills to current and future employers enables you to make more money, while doing the kind of work you truly want to be doing, and enjoying the respect of your bosses and coworkers in the process. Trying just one or two of the following suggestions will increase your knowledge as well as your professional credibility in your chosen career.

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1. Go for an attention grabbing internship

Internships are easy to find, so don’t just settle for any company or business. Whether paid or unpaid, sign up for an internship with an industry leader or corporate conglomerate. Government internships often look particularly impressive on a résumé, and can end up in a job offer. If you work fulltime, try interning for just a few hours a couple of days a week – you really can’t afford not to do it. An internship adds to your professional credibility in your chosen field, and reveals you as someone with the desire to succeed and the willingness to do what it takes to get there. Get your hands dirty – ask questions, show initiative, learn all that you can, and generally be someone they’ll remember.

2. Write about it

Whatever the subject matter of your chosen field or profession, there’s undoubtedly a trade journal or magazine pertaining to it. Research and write articles on topics of interest to others in your field, and submit your stories for publication. It may take a number of attempts, but you’re sure to succeed if you’re persistent in both writing the articles and seeking places to publish them. Look at it as a hobby – a potentially lucrative one in terms of your career. Having something published in even the most obscure trade journal is a nice little nugget to put on your résumé. Plus, the research you do for your articles will give you a broad base of knowledge on topics and issues relevant to your field.

3. Take additional coursework and let people know about it

Sign up at your local school, university, or online for a class in an emerging technology or subject of interest in your field – and don’t be shy about letting employers or potential employers know you’re taking classes. It’s a great topic of conversation, and having the desire to increase your knowledge will reflect well on the job or on a résumé. Employers will admire your determination and willingness to take the initiative in learning all you can about what it is you do or want to do, and choosing a course on a specialized subject matter or an up and coming technology shows you’re on the ball.

4. Offer to give lectures or presentations to community groups

Get over your fear of public speaking, step up to the microphone, and tell people why what you do matters or how it pertains to them. No matter what field you’re in, look for potential groups of people who might benefit from hearing about it. Ask to give a talk at your local recreation center, retirement home, high school or college. Pick any angle for your talk – you could explain career opportunities in your field, aspects of your job that people may find interesting, or knowledge you could share that certain groups might find helpful. Most schools and civic groups welcome speakers from the community. This is a great way to promote your employer or business, it looks impressive on a résumé, it showcases valuable leadership skills, and you just never know who might be in your audience.

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While taking steps to boost your job marketability takes time, it’s a worthwhile investment in your future. Do you have any tips on how jobseekers can boost their job marketability? Let us know in the comments section below!

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