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4 Writer Networks That Can Boost Your Freelance Career

Writer Networks That Can Boost Your Freelance Career

If you are familiar with freelancing, you probably already know OdeskElance and Freelancer. These aren’t totally bad websites if you have a well-paying niche, but otherwise payments are ridiculously low. Especially developing countries have an abundance of freelancers willing to work for peanuts. For example, it’s not uncommon to find one dollar bids on 500 words articles.

The following description might ring true to you:

You are continually on the lookout for better paying gigs, which is also a severe waste of your precious time. You keep sending sales pitches to editors to no avail.

What can you do to finally come out of that black hole and start making a good living?

That’s what these networks can offer you if you play your cards right. Networks of this kind can be of tremendous help in your progress, simply because of the help the community offers you. Each network has its subtle differences but one aspect is shared by all; personal growth is imminent. These networks can boost your career in such a way that clients will come to you. This will save you some serious time sending sales pitches and marketing yourself.

Demand Studios

Ever wondered where all the content from sites like EHow is coming from? That’s right, here is the answer. Demand Studios is always on the lookout for new talent, ranging from writers to filmmakers and photographers. The only requirement they ask is that you attach a valuable sample of your skills along with a relevant portfolio.

Sky Word

Like Demand Studios, Sky Word is a content management platform that offers solutions to all types of businesses. If you can prove yourself to be an established and talented writer, there is always a chance you’ll be contacted by the community. Basically, you need to tune your profile and portfolio to get the gigs you’re looking for.


Although each network has its merits, Helium is particularly special. After registration, you have the option to start writing on topics that are required by businesses within its network. Sadly, fixed payments are not made any more but this is compensated by the online feedback you will receive. You might receive a lot of critique but that’s the key to improvement.

When you have proven yourself to be a capable writer, the community of Helium Content Source can contact you to work for their customers. Mind you, this is really the elite section within Helium Network. This is where the clients are that you wished you would eventually have.

The Freelance Writers Den

This is really the only entry on the list that isn’t a content mill. The Den is a community with over 1,000 freelancers that’s aimed at improving your freelance career. No spots are available to enter at the moment, but there is a waiting list for those that are interested. When you get accepted, quite some opportunities can help you progress. For instance, there are boot camps, e-courses, buddy programs and a community forum to help you out with anything freelance related. On top of that, membership will give you access to an exclusive job board with even more potential gigs that can become yours.

Any networks that helped boost your writing career? Please let us know in the comment section below.

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