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5 Animals Who Have Better Social Media Accounts Than You

How do you define social media success? Is it measured by the number of likes and comments you get on your profile pictures or the number of followers that are cyber-stalking your every move?

Generally a combination of these three elements can make you a successful social media user. However, most experts agree that to be truly successful, they have to know what kind of content to post on social media so that they get just the right amount of attention. You also have to know how, when and where to present the content so that it has the desired effect.

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That seems somewhat ironic considering that the social media profiles with some of the most followers and fans belong to animals. The number of social media fans that these animals have is almost unbelievable, and some even exceed a million - a number of followers much larger than many of the world’s most successful celebrities. So, compared to the young Australian model who got upset for not getting enough likes on Instagram (just 14 to be exact), these animals have clearly won the battle.

If you want to meet these famous animal web celebrities, here they are:

1. Sockington

Sockington the cat
The Kitty Cat Club

@Sockington is internet activist Jason Scott’s cat, and he currently has 1.48 million followers on Twitter. Having only joined the social network in 2007, Sockington has been rocking out on the web while sharing content about its daily thoughts and activities.ies.

2. Boo

Boo is the cute Pomeranian, who has over 17 million likes on Facebook. His photos often feature him wearing a pair of sunglasses, and costumes which makes me wonder who wouldn’t want to see pictures of him every day? Also, I just love Boo’s About section that writes “My name is Boo. I am a dog. Life is good”. Boo has certainly taken "it’s a dog’s life" to a new level.

3. Willie

Have you ever heard of Raccoon Willie? Willie has his own YouTube channel on which he shares videos of his mischievous life. A video on the site that is seven years old has reached 1.9 million views, an accomplishment that is not easy to achieve for man or beast.

4. Bronx Zoo’s Cobra

Who would have thought that a snake – a cobra to be exact – could get more than 200k twitter followers in a week? Well, that is what the Bronz Zoo’s Cobra managed to do. But to be fair, the Bronx Zoo’s Cobra is no ordinary snake. This is one of the world’s most dangerous cobras and perhaps the only one that once managed to escape from its cage in the Bronx Zoo. If you’re wondering where the Cobra is now, it’s ok. The Cobra checks in “I’m at the Bronx Zoo. For now.” Safe, but slightly ominous.

5. JFK Turtles

The JFK Turtles who are infamous for stopping airplane take-offs at JFK airport in New York, appear to be very much alive and healthy. Currently, they have a following of almost 5k on Twitter and are slowly - but steadily increasing their fan base. After all, with turtles nothing goes fast.

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If you think about it in like this, you will probably see my point: A turtle is probably more famous that you on social media, so you really need to raise your game. If you think your social media following is suffering, and you would like to get more traffic on your online profiles, perhaps you should consider getting your own social media assistant to ensure that your content up to scratch. Or maybe you could dress up like an animal. Whatever works for you!

How would you attract more fans to your profile? Let me know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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