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WEB & TECH / JUL. 12, 2014
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5 Apps That Will Help You Destress at Work

It’s no secret that work can be stressful. After all, job stress is the number one stressor in the United States. But even when your job is painfully stressful, there are ways to help you cope with it--namely in the form of these super helpful mobile apps.

Open up one of these five apps on your lunch break or when you’re taking a quick bathroom break. Just a few minutes of escaping your stressor and using these apps can help you feel better.

1. Pranayama


Pranayama app Image via

Price: Free (Pro Version $5.99)

Available on: iOS & Android

Studies have shown time and time again that deep breathing has positive effects on the body. The Pranayama app will guide you through deep breathing exercises with the help of animations and music.

Start with a quick five-minute session when you’re on your break, and then kick it up to as much as a 60 minute stress relieving session when you get home.

2. Focus@Will


Focus@will Image via

Price: Free (Pro Version $4/month)

Available on: iOS & Android

As human beings, we know it’s not easy to focus on a single task for too long. The great thing about the Focus@Will app is that it helps keep you focused and productive while effectively reducing stress.

The app uses a series of playlists (you choose the genre) to help you stay in the "zone." Not only can your newfound concentration levels help you avoid stress by keeping you from fixating on your stressors, but music has been shown to be an effective destressing tool, too. You really can’t go wrong with this at-work destressing method.

3. Zen Space


Zen Space
Image via

Price: Free

Available on: iPad

Designed specifically for the iPad, Zen Space is an app that can help produce quick stress-relieving results. Access the app for as little as one minute when no one is looking, or open it on your break.

Plug your head phones in and release tension as you listen to the soothing music and let your mind wander while enjoying your personal Zen garden. The app even saves your previous pictures so that you can revisit your designs.

4. Cheezburger


Cheezburger Image via

Price: Free

Available on: iOS & Android

So you don’t buy into the whole deep-breathing-meditation-relaxing-music craze? Or maybe it’s just not for you. In that case, laughter is perhaps the best medicine. Seriously. Laughter and humor have been shown to help reduce stress.

When you need a good laugh while at work, consider downloading the Cheezburger app. As the original hub of LOLcats, this funny photo app is sure to make you laugh. After just a few minutes of browsing the archives, you’ll be smiling and on your way to stress reduction. Don’t like this app? Enjoy a laugh with the 9GAG app.

5. At Ease


At Ease
Image via


Price: $2.99

Available on: iOS & Android

The At Ease app takes the most effective stress relieving techniques and rolls them all into one fantastic app. When you’re on break, use the app to explore guided breathing exercises while listening to relaxing music. While at your desk, record your worries in the in-app journal to help you sort through your stressors and relieve anxiety.

This list is just a small taste of the types of apps you can use to reduce stress at work. Tell us: Which stress-relieving app is your favorite for using at work?

Image via Pixabay by danigeza

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