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5 Apps To Fight Stress at Work

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1. Serenity by Tap Tap Tap
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Need to relax during your lunch hour? Just download Tap Tap Tap Serenity on your iPhone. By watching images of sundown, flowers, grass and leaves waving in the wind, you will be transported to a magical world.

In our daily lives we are always under a lot of pressure, and because of this, we feel stressed a lot of the time. Work, family, bills, etc. can make us feel tired both physically and mentally and when things get too much, it is necessary to take some time out to yourself to 'recover' and 're-energize'.

Fortunately for you, there are many apps available for download that actively help us to fight stress. Gone are the days when a therapist was on speed dial, we can now get expert advice and handy tips right to our smart phones and tablets! Check out the top 5 apps we found that triumph in beating stress.

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