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5 Apps to Help You Survive a Slow Day at Work

Slow days will happen at work. In order to continue to grow and develop as an employee, you need to know how to maximize your productivity during those down times. As technology advances, new apps are continually created. There are five apps that can help you survive a slow day at work. These apps help in the areas of networking, building rapport, getting organized, planning ahead, and tracking accomplishments.

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1. LinkedIn

On a slow day at work, you can still be productive by connecting with those in your network through the LinkedIn app. You can utilize the app to stay engaged with colleagues, clients and customers. Additionally, you can get informed on industry insights, as well as share your expertise with others. LinkedIn considers this app to be “professional empowerment in your pocket.” When you network with others in your field, you are remaining productive because you have made a decision to be informed on industry trends. Being visible in the online, professional circles will continue to build your brand as a career professional.

2. moove

Building a strong rapport in the office is so vital to cultivating a positive and productive workplace culture. The moove app is available for iPhone and iPad devices, and provides an easy format for teambuilding in the workplace. The main purpose of the app is to provide a user-friendly platform for creating fun activities that will improve the company culture, offer constructive competitions, develop team communication, and cultivate creativity. With the normal busy pace of the office, there are not many opportunities to focus on teambuilding. However, cultivating that team spirit is vital to promoting productivity in the workplace. Utilize this app during your downtime to create some fun teambuilding interactions and activities.

3. Wunderlist

Staying organized in your professional life is important. During your downtime, you can use the Wunderlist app to organize your work projects. The app enables you to share your project lists with others, and you can collaborate with your colleagues. Another feature is that you can have conversations with colleagues through the app regarding your work project to-do lists. Additionally, you can view public to-do lists in order to see what others are doing and get some ideas on how to better organize your own workload. This app is a great tool for helping you to stay organized at work.

4. iMindMap

Planning is essential to achieving success, regardless of what type of work you do every day. The iMindMap app can help you with planning tasks and projects at work. When you experience a slow day at work, it is a perfect opportunity to plan and learn how to maximize your time. The mind-mapping software provided in this app helps users improve the way they think, study, plan, organize, present, and create. The app is available for download on PC, Mac, iPad and iPhone.

5. Remember Win app

Tracking your accomplishments is vital to growing and developing as a professional. A slow day at work can be an excellent opportunity for you to start using the Remember Win app. This app can help users discover hidden talents and strengths by tracking their achievements. The program tracks these accomplishments for you and also sends you reminders of past successes. According to the basic premise of the app, users are provided a “practical way to counter self-criticism and build a sense of accomplishment.” Tracking your achievements can spur you on to further successes in the workplace.

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Most likely, you will not have many slow days at work. However, when you do have one, it is vital that you maximize the downtime for optimal productivity through the five factors as discussed in this article. If you’ve used any of these apps or other ones that can bring productivity to your work day during a downtime, please feel free to share your experience in the comments section.

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