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WEB & TECH / JAN. 31, 2015
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5 Benefits of Scheduling WordPress Posts

WordPress is the preferred platform for most site owners and bloggers all over the world. It is very user-friendly and does not require any understanding of complex code. It allows bloggers to easily customize their content and publish it with the click of a button. If you don’t want to publish a post right away, WordPress allows you to schedule it for a specific future time and date.  

Here are some of the benefits of scheduling your posts:

1. Allows you to avoid writer’s block

Most writers have days when they have no idea what to write about, and others when they could write for hours on end. Post scheduling allows you to make the most of the days when you are the most inspired. You can write as many posts as you can and schedule them for publishing on different days in future. This will ensure that your site always has some fresh content for visitors.

2. Enables you to take some days off

Another major benefit of scheduling posts is that it allows you to take a break from writing once in a while. Maybe you are planning to go on vacation or attend to other matters. All you need to do is schedule your posts to go live during the time when you will be away. No one will know whether the post was written three weeks ago or today.

3. Balancing out posts

If you have a site covering different kinds of topics, scheduling can help you balance out the publishing of your posts. For instance, you might have a site offering educational information, news articles and opinion pieces. Since news articles are more time-sensitive, you could schedule them to go live as soon as possible. However, posts offering general information and tips can be published at any time.

4. Publishing at the right time

The effectiveness of your posts will be determined not only by the content, but also by the time of publishing. Depending on your target audience, you are likely to generate more traffic at particular hours of the day. For example, the best time to grab your readers’ attention could be at 5pm. You can therefore write your posts in the morning and schedule them to get published at that time. This will save you the trouble of having to log into your site again in the evening.

5. Scheduling plugins

WordPress offers several plugins which can make scheduling posts much easier. This includes:

Bump the Schedule – This plugin is helpful for people who write a bunch of posts before scheduling them. In case you need to alter the publishing date or time, you can do it in just one click. All you need to do is indicate by how many days the post should be bumped. This saves you the trouble of having to make the changes manually.

Auto-Schedule Posts – This plugin is ideal for sites which have a team of writers. It prevents scheduling posts from different writers at the same time.

WP Missed Schedule plugin – If your site has numerous posts scheduled for publishing, this plugin will help you avoid ‘missed schedules’.


These are just a few of the benefits of scheduling your posts on WordPress. Proper scheduling will make your work easier as a blogger.

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