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5 Best Data Certification Programs for Job Hunters

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Data analysts, engineers and software developers working with big data technology are well-compensated all over the world. These experts have become the life’s blood of multinational companies. If you’re looking for a way of getting an edge in this field, data certification is an excellent option. No matter you are’ job hunter or angling for promotions, a certificate will measure your knowledge and skills in the industry.

To prove yourself as a data expert at the time of interview, here are the best certification programs to consider:

1. Certified Analytics Professional (CAP)

Certified Analytics Professional is all about end-to-end knowledge of analytics processes, and analytic problem to acquire data. The certification involves theory and practical classes. The modules range from model building to lifecycle management. You will have to complete CAP exam before applying for a professional job. The course is available at almost 500 computer-based testing centers in more than 50 countries.

2. HP Vertica Certification

HP Vertica Certification program has been presented for system engineers, app developers, and database analysts who are working with HP Vertica data analytics. The course is combined with chapters about Vertica architecture, projection designs, data loading, data management, data troubleshooting, and performance tuning. Various exam centers have divided the exam into different categories such as an Accredited Technical Professional (ATP) certificate of HP ExpertOne program, and Vertica Big Data Solution Admin program.

Also check: HP Vertica Certification page 

3. Cloudera Certified Professional (CCP)

CCP experts are in high-demand in software and services of Apache Hadoop. The certification caters to various markets such as research centers, financial services, telecommunication, and many more. After completing this course, you’ll be able to design and develop robust solutions for a number of production environments. Before you consider applying for the program, you need to pass the credentials of data sciences, and challenge test. Once the course is complete, you can easily find a job at local powerhouses, production units, universities, and engineering departments.

Learn more: Cloudera

4. Certification of Professional Achievement in Data Sciences

Columbia University is one of the finest universities to offer a Certification of Professional Achievement in Data Sciences. The course is composed of essential engineering and programming elements such as algorithms of data sciences, statistics (STATS), machine learning, and experimental data analysis.

5. Certificate in Analytics

The duration of this certificate is six months to one year. If you are looking for a job in business, marketing and management sector, Certificate in Analytics is great. You’ll gain knowledge about financial industries, and small businesses. The program brings statistics and oral skills together, and allows you to develop clear understanding of large data sets, software packages, graphical and data analysis, building analytics models, and variable correlations. Upon the successful completion of the certificate, you’ll be able to land a job paying $500 to $4000 a month.

As the employers now focus on personality traits and potential of candidates when hiring, you need to show full dedication. Make sure your educational background is impressive for the recruiters, and can open the door of a bright future with a lifetime job.


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