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WORKPLACE / SEP. 07, 2015
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5 Blogs Working Women Should Be Reading

There has never been a better time in which to be a woman in business. While things might not yet be perfect for the female in the workplace, they are certainly on the rise and thanks to high profile media campaigns and articles, the issue of women’s rights has never been as relevant as it is right now. Working women, then, are a lucrative audience and there is a huge place on the internet for articles relating to the female in business.

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Thanks to a rise in female entrepreneurship, there has also been a spike in the number of blogs offering useful and enriching content, skewed specifically towards the market. Women feel more empowered than ever to share their stories and experiences, and through the digital community, a collective knowledge has begun to spread. Women befriend and relate to other women on the other side of the world, thanks to a shared interest in the same professional field.

It’s not just about community, either. Working women’s blogs offer advice that many professionals have been crying out for since they first entered the office. Experiencing professional life through a female gaze is no longer something to keep shtum about and more than ever, people are opening up about how they work, good or bad. For savvy women, there are countless blogs out there, giving stellar advice. While the ones below might not be the only ones worth looking at out there, they certainly deliver on both content and charisma.

1. The Everygirl

Founded by two successful lifestyle bloggers, The Everygirl covers everything from wellness and careers to professional tips and personal issues. The site covers pretty much every issue women in the workplace could ever encounter, delivering its message in a persuasive and confident tone. The point of The Everygirl is for women to realise their own capabilities, and discover the courage to chase what they really want in life. There is no time in which to sit back and watch others take your place; you have to act now, and act to the best of your abilities.

One of the best things about the site is its outpourings of advice from some of the best in the business. Industry insiders give their advice and tips on making it big in business, sharing how they got to where they are, and who they met along the way. And while the site certainly promotes competitiveness, it never does so in a negative way; women are encouraged to be forthright and self-assured, without feeling like they have to hurt anyone, or apologise for their actions. If you’re looking for positive professional messages and a thriving digital community, this is a great one to follow.

2. Alexandra Levit

If you’re looking for something with a little more professional focus, however, Alexandra Levit writes a great blog aimed towards women in business. Sharing tips and stories from her own professional path, her self-titled website offers advice on all kinds of work topics, from someone who has already been through it all.

If you’re a mother, the website is a great one to follow. Regularly featuring tales about Levit’s own life as a working parent, the blog brings to light struggles and difficulties that no other parenting book would teach. Thanks to her open, friendly candour, Levit’s blog has a genuine rawness to it; she is not claiming to be perfect or have all of the answers, she merely shares what she believes to be true. A journalist by trade, Levit writes with an accessibility that is missing from so many other business sites, which can often seem impersonal and gender-skewed.

It’s not all personal, though, and Levit shares a great deal of industry information and new professional developments. If you’re searching for the business insider scoop with a side of genuine compassion, Levit’s blog is the way to go.

3. DailyWorth

Of course, there’s more to the workplace than personal goals and professional relationships and if you’re looking for financial advice, then DailyWorth has you more than covered. Looking at everything from careers, to wellness and money, the site offers women practical advice for every kind of professional hurdle they might have to overcome. With the gendered differences between pay packets, the professional earnings of women has never been under so much scrutiny and while things don’t look set to change any time soon, it is still imperative that there are open forums on which matters can be discussed.

The site is also backed up by the advice of some of business’ most successful women, who offer their advice in columns tailor-made for the working female. Breaking down things like saving, insurance, real estate and retirement, DailyWorth takes an intense look at the financial problems that women can face, and talks about them openly and honestly. As ever, the forum is an open space for discussion and due to its genuinely helpful approach, the site draws in crowds of readers.

4. Ladies Who Launch

Ladies Who Launch

While most blogs are tailored towards women in business in a more general way, there are some that refine their content a little further. Ladies Who Launch is one such blog and, founded around female entrepreneurship, offers essential advice and planning tips to those looking to form their own business. Now is the time for the startup and with lots of us choosing to make our own mark in business, there is a deluge of new professional information making the rounds.

Beginning on an entrepreneurial journey is thrilling but it undeniably comes with its own set of perils. And whilst the working world is becoming a better place for women, there are still many issues that they can face along the way. Ladies Who Launch also provides its readers with a whole set of resources and insider tips that they can use along the way to their advantage, and begin their new adventure with a splash. Through their articles, Ladies Who Launch constructs an online entrepreneurial community that is just asking to get bigger.

5. On The Job

Written by columnist and author Anita Bruzzese, On The Job takes an inside look at the workplace, offering its readers insights into the working world, professional issues and how to be a great boss. While building a new professional venture is an incredible feat, it also comes with a lot of extra responsibility and more often than not, we will overlook the nitty gritty of the working world in favour of our professional dream. In On The Job, Bruzzese breaks down the issues from the day to day, and offers her own insight. With subjects as broad as delivering bad news, communicating to teams and dealing with stress, the blog’s scope is as vast as it is detailed.

Due to her talent with words, Bruzzese writes advice in a clear, comprehensive way that aims to better inform its readers, not patronise them. If you’re on the hunt for genuinely helpful articles taken from the horse’s mouth, On The Job is certainly the way to go.

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Thanks to the internet, the way in which we communicate has altered and the sheer number of professional websites out there has suddenly shot up. Covering every working topic under the sun, these women’s blogs will give you everything that you will ever need in order to make a great run of your professional career. Women in business are stronger than ever and, if you take a look at these sites, you can become just as strong.

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