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5 Business Lessons you Can Learn from Moonpig

Whether you’d like to wish your colleague a happy birthday, congratulate a co-worker for getting a promotion, or thanking your boss for their support in the workplace - Moonpig has a card to mark each and every occasion. The popular greeting card company was founded in 2000 by entrepreneur Nick Jenkins and has single-handedly transformed the online greeting card market in the UK.

As a business owner; Moonpig’s success is something you should want to replicate, but how should you go about mimicking a business that has managed to shift over six million cards? Well, with the help of these five brilliant business lessons you’ll be following in Moonpig’s footsteps in no time.

Lesson # 1 - Get Creative

At the heart of Moonpig’s success is the way the business allows customers to customize their own cards. This means customers can add their own imagery and their own choice of text to their cards which elevates the business to an entirely new creative level. If your business sells products online, you can give things a boost by giving your customers the option to personalize the items they purchase which puts a more creative spin on your business.

Lesson # 2 - Make an Offer

One thing Moonpig is notorious for is slashing the prices of its cards. Whether it’s Christmas or Valentine’s Day Moonpig’s marketing tactic is simple - leverage the occasion / event by offering customers discount prices when they purchase. This selling tactic isn’t exactly unique to Moonpig, but the company’s strong sense of brand awareness of when and how its cards are going to be in high-demand is something that should be applauded.

In regards to your business, try to adopt the same technique. Only offer your products at discount prices when it matters, not just to get rid of any unwanted stock.

Lesson #3 - Put you Game Face On

Moonpig’s rise to notoriety didn’t happen over-night, the company has its own competitors just like any other business. As previously mentioned, the company’s brand awareness has proven to be its strongest selling point and Moonpig harnesses it to keep competing companies at bay rather well. The company is constantly building upon its already existing brand and that is ultimately the key to how the company has remained on top if its game.

Bear in mind that as your business builds upon its own brand awareness, don’t forget to keep up the good work because your competitors certainly won’t be taking a break and that’s something Moonpig understands perfectly.

Lesson # 4 - The Customer Experience

E-commerce is Moonpig’s game and the company plays it well. Personalizing and then ordering a card from the company’s website is quick, easy and a lot of fun. The company is aware of taking the hassle out of purchasing for its customers which also something you can do for your customers as well. If you’re selling products online via a web site of course you should take some time to review how easy it is for your customers to navigate the web site itself. If you find yourself struggling, then just imagine what your customers are probably going through.

Lesson # 5 - The Definition of Being Distinctive

The name ‘Moonpig’ has nothing to do with cards, the name of the company can even be considered to be a little, well odd. When it comes to making your business stand out from the crowd, forget about gimmicky advertising campaigns - you should start by thinking about the uniqueness of your business’ name, the more distinctive the better.

The Moonpig success story is like no other, your business can strive for the same success taking some of the lessons this article has suggested and applying them to your own business in terms of marketing, branding, and customer relationship management.

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