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5 Business Lessons You Can Learn from Upworthy

Upworthy is the successful viral online content website that no one saw coming and by the time Upworthy began to truly resonate with audiences other viral content web sites could hardly keep up. This website is the brain child of Eli Pariser and the former editor of the satire news website The Onion Peter Koechley, together they have created a thought-provoking and informative site that is well-known for its controversial viral content.

Launched back in 2012 Upworthy has managed to set the standard for what constitutes as newsworthy viral content, sure you’ll find some standard videos on this site from time to time, but the diversity of content that Upworthy manages to publish is the epitome of what great content marketing is. Business owners can certainly learn a lot from the Upworthy business model, and here are five invaluable lessons about what it takes to turn your business and its content into online viral gold.

Business Lesson # 1 – Don’t be Ashamed

What many business owners fail to understand is that if you want your online content to go viral, don’t disguise your intentions. This means don’t dress up social media posts as innocent updates when what you’re really doing is plugging your business. Online audiences can see through this which why much of Upworthy’s success is down to the website marketing itself as a viral content hub, so audiences know that they are being fed viral-orchestrated content and viral content only.

Business Lesson #2 – Take a Risk

Upworthy has an online audience of 50 million a month for a reason most of the content you’ll find on this site are not just things you would stumble across on most commercial sites. No one is going to like, share or even retweet boring content so shake things up a bit by keeping your posts as engaging as possible, take risks and don’t be afraid to post content that has some educational value either.

Business Lesson #3 – Get Together

With the right networking your business can really take off, Upworthy publishes content from non-profits to cutting edge brands in order to enrich its output of content which is something any business can replicate with the right outsourcing techniques. Teaming up with like-minded businesses may seem like an unthinkable task, but with the right partnership you can boost your business’ online reach in no time.

Business Lesson #4 – It’s Not about Who You Know It’s About What You Know

Upworthy can still be considered as a relatively new company, two years isn’t exactly a milestone but the business has thus far managed to get some great sponsorship from key brands who are keen to tap into Upworthy’s pool on online consumers. Building an online audience that other businesses want a piece of is another brilliant business lesson that Upworthy embodies, business owners should never stop engaging their online target market because a growing audience can attract some priceless business opportunities.

Business Lesson #5 – Keep your Eye on the Prize

Due to Upworthy’s continuing success the company now has to focus on growing with its audience and in order to do that the website has to keep up with fine tuning all of its marketing efforts. As a business owner you should do the same by reviewing all of your promotional campaigns with the help of analytical data and audience feedback as well. Upworthy is well on its way to securing longevity in the viral content market and the company is achieving this by staying devoted to its cause, audience and knack for well-orchestrated content.

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