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5 Career Lessons That Men Know and Women Don't

It goes without saying that both genders know how to advance in their career, but their approach to that advancement is somewhat different. After all, while growing up and acquiring wisdom and experience, our decisions were influenced by various role models. Even today’s media offers different male and female role models via entertainment industry.

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We have Ally McBeal, The Good Wife, Amanda Waller, Dr. Lisa Cuddy etc. as powerful women, and we have Tony Stark, Don Draper, Jack Donaghy etc. as influential male figures. Of course, education, parenting, our personality and a variety of life lessons also play an important role in how we handle things during our career.

Even though our approach on career advancement is highly individual, if we look closely, some patterns begin to emerge. These career guidelines that are defined as the right formula for success, have now become somewhat gender-specific. So, if you want to reach a higher position, here are some quick lessons that any prosperous man would tell you.       

1. Don’t Beat Around the Bush


Everyone is aware that you are quite busy, but do you know who is even busier than you? Your boss. In other words, if you want to suggest something or ask for a raise, or ask for a time off, go straight to the point. Do not try to hint at something and wait for the change to happen, your boss is a busy person, so he or she might not have time to decipher what you want to say. If you have a child on the way, say that you need a raise, don’t just tell the good news to your boss. Sure, he might offer you a drink, throw a little celebration, but he certainly won’t start throwing cash in your face.

It is also worth mentioning that, if you do not use direct approach, you might come off as insecure, and no one is going to give you a raise if you act like an insecure scaredy cat. If you want things to change, that means you are motivated to make improvements, and you need to act like it. If everyone says what they mean, the instructions will be clear and you can be certain that everyone has understood one another. When it comes to business, try keeping the misunderstandings to a bare minimum.  

2. Don’t Ask for Detailed Instructions

Tony Stark and Pepper

Sure ask for dummy proof instructions, and let everyone know just how incompetent you are. While you are at it, can you request a babysitter? You know, so that she can monitor your work. If a task is too complex, this means that it is the perfect opportunity to show your superiors what you are made of. Do thorough research, you have the internet at your disposal, so use it. Think about it, you wouldn’t get the assignment if people didn’t believe you could pull it off. If they need to supervise your every step of the way, they would be better off doing the whole thing by themselves. If you manage to shine, you’ll ooze reliability, and prove there is more to you than meets the eye.      

3. Don’t Be a Hero

Man of Steel

When I say don’t be a hero, I mean don’t act like a sage in front of newcomers, do not be the company’s martyr, and don’t cover someone else’s mess. Sure these are all positive traits, showing the ropes to eager cadets, taking on loads of work, and being a guardian angel. No doubt about it, this makes you a good person, but will any of this have a positive impact on your career? Highly unlikely.

If you continually spend time helping someone new, you can’t focus on your own work. Furthermore, new employees may get the impression that no one allows them to function without being supervised. Even worse, instead of being determined to prove themselves, they may start to slack off, since the two of you are a team and share the workload.

If you want to be a martyr and take on as much workload as humanly possible, you will eventually have a breakdown, so instead of being the worker of the month, you’ll become an office psycho with an unnerving aura. Being edgy, grumpy and rocking killer eye bags is not what reflects positively on your future.

Lastly, if you continually check everything in order to spare everyone from any unwanted criticism, you are actually not doing anyone a favour. People need to learn from experience, and mistakes offer it in spades. No one expects a miracle, and mistakes are completely natural for everyone – playing a guardian angel only turns people around you into more incompetent individuals, so don’t do it. The best thing you can do for everyone is to lead by example.         

4. Don’t Give in to Overthinking

Sherlock Holmes
Sherlock Cares

You cannot expect every day to be cheery, sometimes your boss may lash out at you. Maybe you did a terrible job, maybe he or she had personal issues, and that had an impact on their behaviour. Whatever the case, spending an entire day thinking about what that was all about is not going to get you anywhere.

If you give in to overthinking you can’t focus on your work. And truth is you probably won’t even know all the factors, so there’s no point in worrying too much, it will only make your thinking session a complete waste of time, and the stress will only harm your health. If someone really wants to play mind games with you on daily basis, and says all sorts of puzzling statements just to push your buttons, don’t bother trying to impress that person, it will only feed their ego.

As mentioned, it is generally good for business to keep the misunderstandings to a minimum, and if someone can afford to play with your emotions at the expense of productivity at work, then that person has nothing better to do. If superiors tell you to do something in a rude tone, just do what you are told, and once tensions are not running high any more, get to the bottom of the problem.   

5. Don’t Be a Cry Baby

Screen Rant

You don’t like your job? It’s too demanding and you constantly feel like you are being victimized? Well boohoo, tough luck pal. No workplace is a land of milk and honey – it should be tough because it earns you money. In other words, you are awarded for these struggles, so don’t whine about them. If everyone else complains out loud then fine, something is wrong, but if you are the only one complaining, go home and re-evaluate your life.

There is a time and place for bitching about your work and daily struggles, and it is called after hours drinking at the bar. It is our struggles that build character, so hindering this positive change is very counterproductive. When the going gets tough, man up and do your job. Don’t expect it to get easier – as you toughen up, it will become your new reality and it won’t bother you to the same extent.

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There you have it, a perfect set of career lessons that any man will tell you. Basically, hard work pays off, and pampering others prevents them from working hard. If you want to be a professional then start acting like one.      

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