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5 Career Lessons We Can Learn From Oprah Winfrey

Oprah is an icon; she is a household name in millions of homes across the world. She is best known for her soulful, emotionally stirring, uplifting and motivating talk show which she hosted for 25 years – The Oprah Winfrey Show. We, career professionals can learn precious lessons from her outstanding career and inspiring life.

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Here are five lessons we can learn from her:

#1 Believe in yourself 

Given her circumstances, Oprah had all the excuses an adolescent would need to go to the bad side. However, more than the things around her, she believed in what was within her. She pursued her education against all odds and did so with merit. Though in hindsight every challenge seems less overpowering, but we must realize that she battled her odds as a child, as a teenager, and as a young adult who had very little parental support. All that would not have been possible without her spirit and faith in herself and the future.

#2 Do not be scared of change 

Oprah is not afraid of change. Her new and experimental looks are testament to that. She has also struggled hard to keep herself healthy and control her weight which has posed a challenge to her. Her theraputic styled talk show centered on other peoples’ challenges and need for changein their life; something she found easy to relate to and support. 

#3 Share your genius 

In the competitive world of media, Oprah ’shared her genius" by launching the talk shows of other distinguished people she met including: Dr. Phil, Dr. Oz, and Rachel Ray. Being aware of her ability to convince others, Oprah has utilized it generously for others. It is famously called “The Oprah Effect”. 

#4 Have gratitude for what you have received

Oprah remembers her maternal grand-mother fondly, who taught her to read. To this day Oprah is passionate about reading. She considers her grand-mother as the guardian who gave her strength and a positive feeling about her identity. She has the courage to choose and remember what was good about her life and for that she remains grateful.

#5 Always keep your friends 

Despite her fame, fortune and changes throughout her life, Oprah has remained inseparable from her trusted and beloved friend Gayle King. Gayle and Oprah met when Oprah was in her twenties; during a time when there was much that happened in Oprah’s career and personal life. Irrespective of Oprah’s progress, there was never a time that she lost touch with her friend. Their bond of friendship is deep. Oprah attributes much of her personal growth to poet and author Maya Angelou who she regards as a mentor, friend and sister.

Do you like Oprah? Do you like her show? Can you think of any other lesson we can learn from her?

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