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5 Careers in High Demand That Require Less Than Two Years of Training


Recent economic recessions have resulted in increased competition for jobs and piling debts from college tuition. Getting a degree or professional training should not have to mean spending too much time in a classroom. In fact, there are numerous  careers in high demand that only require either an associate degree or certificates in addition to on-the-job training. Despite the common belief that less training means settling for less paying jobs, there are those that offer solid employment and a reasonable income as well.

Fitness trainer and aerobics instructor

If you enjoy working out to stay fit, then you should consider a career in physical training. The job description of a fitness trainer and aerobics instructor includes either teaching an entire class or working with individuals as a personal trainer.Similarly, the level of education required is highly dependent on the number of people you can teach. You may not need a degree for this career; however, you must have certification and relevant job experience.

Dental hygienist

Working as a dentist is no longer the only option if you are interested in a career in oral health. Dental hygienists are oral hygiene specialists that deal in preventive dental care. They may also need to complete teeth cleaning procedures, make minor teeth examinations, such as checking for gingivitis, and instruct patients with regard to basics involving proper oral hygiene.

Skin care specialist

The increasing need for medical and spa skin care treatment has resulted in higher demand for skin care specialists. Training for the job takes less than a year and includes learning how to give facials, massages and body treatments. You could also specialize as a beautician that gives manicures and pedicures, and applies make-up for their clients.

Information Technology

Since technology makes rapid changes within small periods of time, it is more sensible to start this career with either an associate degree or a professional certificate because both require less than two years of training. Professionals in the information technology field find it more convenient to study while they work to keep up with the changes, rather than spend four years taking a college degree. Moreover, you must also possess good communication skills and expertise in math and science as well.

Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration (HVACR) Specialists

Regulating air temperature is one of the most useful aspects of the modern world. If you have mechanical expertise, then you may be capable of pursuing a career as a HVACR specialist. These technicians are responsible for the installation, repair and maintenance of heating and ventilation systems that regulate air quality. More senior technicians get to travel to different energy sites to inspect and recommend improvements in accordance with the local legislation. The education attainment required is a high school diploma and certification from a recognized technical institution, however, in this occupation, the level of skill and work experience is valued more than the level of education. Therefore, receive as much apprenticeship as possible before applying for full-time employment.

If you are looking for a new career, keep in mind that not all professions require a college degree. Be sure to choose a career that will not disappear in a few years and gives room for additional training.

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