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5 Courses That Will Boost Your Employability


Employers from all over the world want to see more than just a degree. They are interested in graduates who can demonstrate a variety of other skills, traits, knowledge and experience that contribute to their “employability”.  This means that possessing the right transferable skills – skills that can be applied to a wide range of work environments and disciplines, such as communication, planning, teamwork and problem solving skills are essential in order for graduates to stand out from the crowd and succeed in the global market.

In case you didn’t know, there are a number of courses that are offered by colleges and universities that can help you boost your employability and, as a result, increase your chances of finding a job. If you are interested, check the following courses:

#1 ICT Skills

Every graduate should at least possess some basic ICT skills in order to retain a competitive advantage within the job market. As technology develops, and new IT products are being introduced, you need to be able to know how to use and apply this technology in your work. Since information and communications technology refers to any kind of communication device, application or network including social media, these skills are particularly important to IT and media professionals such as graphic designers, journalists, bloggers and writers.

#2 Business Communication

Becoming familiar with the business world is essential. Wherever you choose to work, you have to be able to demonstrate business awareness. That relates to understanding the job and the business environment; how an organisation or economic sector operates and how it is influenced by national and global economics. Currently, there are many business communication courses and training seminars that can help you gain a useful insight into how businesses work e.g. learning about principles of communication in the workplace.

#3 Professional Development

Professional development courses are usually tied with your academic studies and are being offered by many colleges and universities across the globe.  According to the subject of your studies, the modules of these courses vary. For example, professional development courses that are related to educational management teach the importance of reflective supervision and developing your professional practice through keeping a reflective professional log that can help you stay on track with your career trajectory. In this regard, such courses can help you develop your planning and organisational skills.

#4 Psychology

Psychology can be applied to every profession that involves engaging in and maintaining contact with other people. With this being said, learning about human behaviour and psychology can help you understand why people do what they do and what influences their decisions. This course might be particularly useful to professionals who work at customer service, healthcare, teaching, sales and marketing jobs.

#5 Statistics

Statistics is also a subject that can be applied to many fields such as biomedical research, economics, social sciences – accounting and finance, and computer sciences. So, if you are interested in statistics and what to learn how to collect, organise and analyse data you can get more information about what this course offers from QS TopUniversities.

If you are currently studying or considering taking some classes to enhance your employability, these 5 courses are ideal for you. These will not only help you develop your skills but also increase your mobility in the market! Look for courses available in the UK and USA at FindCourses and Harvard University  respectively to choose the ones you are interested in.

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