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5 Crazy Things People Have Said or Done at an Interview And Still Got The Job


No matter how many hours you spend reading advice books and expert articles and you can never be 100% prepared. There is always a critical moment when you blurt something out, and you realise right away that… “Oops.. I shouldn’t have said that”. However, despite this blunder, you get the offer.

Having explored a Quora thread where users share some of their best job interview experiences, I outline the 5 craziest things people have ever said or done at an interview and still got the job..

8th Most Popular Sir…

Ram Visvanathan had a campus interview when he was an undergraduate student at a reputable technical institute in India. The interviewer asked him to mention something about himself that is not stated in his resume. The candidate said, “I’m a very popular person in our class”. The interviewer asked him further “How popular?” The guy then replied “8th popular person in class” and explained to the puzzled interviewer that there were 7 girls in his class. The interviewer then burst into laughter and the student finally got the job.

I am Sorry, But It’s Your Fault!

Rick Stephan was once interviewing for a position at Microsoft in Canada. The interviewer then told him that his “department manages things like Microsoft Hardware, Software, X-Box and the Zune”. Stephan was not aware of what the Zune is which really surprised the interviewer: “The Zune is our version of the iPod. I’m surprised you didn’t know that!”. The interviewee replied with a smile “Well I suppose that’s your fault, isn’t it?”.

Threw the Phone at the Wall

David Germanico once applied for a sales job. The interviewer asked him to sell his own mobile phone as a way to assess his selling skills. The guy took his old Nokia mobile phone out of his pocket and started explaining the mobile phone’s key benefits. After a while, in order to convince the potential buyer that the phone was tough, he threw it against the wall. Fortunately, no damage was done, except a small dent in the drywall. The guy finally got the job!

Peculiar Humour

Evan DeFilippis was once asked at a management consulting firm what was his greatest weaknesses. He immediately replied "I’m a compulsive liar and I steal a lot". He was completely joking of course, but nobody in the room sensed that. So he replied, "Actually, my greatest weakness is that I’m bad at jokes." Room is dead silent.  He continued saying "Actually, I’m just bad at interviews". Even more oppressive silence. "Alright, then. Let’s move on. What’s your greatest strength?"

Relationship Experience

Lukas Tencer, a computer scientist, was asked during a job interview to explain how good he is at managing conflicts. Well, the guy intuitively replied: “Very good, I have been in a relationship for 4 years.”

Dealing with difficult interview questions calls for giving smart, sharp and witty responses that show how emotionally intelligent you are and that you can immediately deal with complex situations. What crazy responses have you given during a job interview? Please share your experiences in the comments section below…

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