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5 Creative Business Lessons You Can Learn From Vine

Vine is one of the most infectious social media platforms around and it is one of the fastest growing platforms you’ll come across as well. Founded in 2012 by Rus Yusupov and Colin Kroll Vine’s 6 second video uploads have turned it into a brilliant creative networking tool.

Since Vine’s initial conception, users have recently started to tap into its creative capabilities, though the platform is still widely popular for generating digital trends and hilarious memes – Vine is also starting to be recognized for its creative business model.

Business owners should be aware of how Vine has been able to propel itself above and beyond the digital marketplace and become the front runner allowing users to create content that they themselves can digitally share with the rest of the world. The following five creative business lessons that Vine has created will help you to transform your own digital business into a success.

If it’s Not Broke, Don’t fix it

Twitter managed to attract users with its limited character micro blogging stance and it is fair to say that this particular media platform has been very successful at this. Vine has done something similar by offering users a time constrain on the videos they upload. Despite both platforms marketing themselves in entirely different narratives, Vine has demonstrated in its own business model that restrictions work.

Always keep your business model distinctive. But there are some tricks of the trade that do work so don’t worry about being inspired by something but keep it unique to your own business.

Creative Edge

Vine’s biggest rival in the business world is certainly YouTube, especially since Vine has recently allowed users to access its services via website log-ins. Now, because this was not always the case and Vine originally operated as an app, it has more ground to cover. With the help of a loyal following, Vine has been able to successfully take on YouTube by separating itself from the popular video-orientated site.

Don’t Follow Trends, Create Them

Another key to Vine’s business success that business owners should be aware of, is that the platform is a hub for social media trends. You’re likely to find real-time trending ideas from Vine’s users, and to top it off most of the video content you’ll find on Vine will always be creatively unique. Vine empowers and encourages users to start their own trending topics which often go viral.

Make the Most of it

Vine’s popularity in such a short period of time is an indicator that the platform has done a good job at embracing its success. Not only has Vine managed to leverage its digital success, it has also been able to develop other aspects of it’s media. There are a lot of creative individuals that use Vine from musicians to comedians, and collectively along with the platform they have made the most out of their arts.

Your business should always encourage interactivity especially within the B2C and Ecommerce markets. The relationship you have with your customers is a reflection of your business and as a business owner, you should always remember that.

Make Some Introductions

Vine is a business that has never stopped reaching for the top and your business should not either. Recently the platform has introduced “’Loops” which highlights how many times a video has been viewed. That may not sound like the most innovative idea, but it has helped to make Vine more user-friendly and boost social networking qualities.

Keeping your business updated with key features online is also a way you can continue to capture new audiences which is what matters if you want to creatively grow your company online.

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