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WORKPLACE / JUL. 12, 2015
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5 Cutest Things to Keep on Your Desk

Many people spend more time sitting at their desks than they do anywhere else. Whether you’re a desk jockey by trade, or you just like to catch up on the latest happenings via social media and surf the web for adorable animal videos (“Tiny Kitten is Gorilla’s BFF!”), there are all kinds of ways to showcase your hobbies and flaunt your personal style on your desk space.  While cuteness often gets a bad rap, what better way to show you don’t take yourself too seriously than having some sweet and pretty little tchotchke adorning your workplace?  Below are five of the cutest ways to enhance and embellish your workstation or cubby.

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1. Desk Organizers

Tired of the same old letter trays, pen holders, and paperclip bins? Effectively add some cuteness without compromising efficiency by using decorative office desk top organizers. Whether your tastes range from ultra-professional to total whimsy, online retailer ModCloth has a vast assortment of products to suit every budget and satisfy any taste. Go for a desk top set in coordinating colors and fabrics, or choose an all in one unit that keeps everything bundled and in one place. Are you the adventurous type? Try an animal print, or high tech design. Like a vintage look? Go for floral designs and pastel colors.

2. Name Plates and Placards

Let the world know who you are at work and at home, let them know who’s the boss with a unique, custom designed name plate. Visit the Plaque Maker website and create your own name plate, choosing from a variety of fonts, themes, and materials. You can choose from a number of designs and price ranges-maybe a solid granite name plate with black scroll lettering, or something more dainty, with etched class and floral emblems. Want something eco-friendly? Go for bamboo, with your name and company logo subtly engraved. Plaque maker lets you choose between ink embossing in a variety of colors (hot pink-cute!) or you can have your name plate engraved. There’s clip art and logo designs to pick from, or you can upload your own design and get a peek at what the finished product will look like before making your purchase.

3. Framed Photographs


Framed photos are a classic desktop staple. Whether you adorn your desk with pictures of yourself, your significant other, your parents, kids, or favorite pet, pictures are a great way of adding a personal touch. Up the cuteness factor by making your own photo frame. Crafty folks will feel like they’re in paradise at Altered Pages, where you can find everything you need-embossers, embellishments, specialty papers, and all the trimmings-to make your very own, one of a kind photo frame, in whatever style suits your fancy. All thumbs when it comes to crafts? Visit online decorating giant Wayfair and find a variety of picture frames and collages to show off the people and places you hold dear.

4. Seasonal Decorations

What could be cuter than some seasonal décor to brighten up your workspace? It seems every month there’s a holiday of some sort or another-which means, if you’re lucky, an additional day off. That’s certainly something worth celebrating! Maybe a smiling snowman at Christmas, frilly and feminine hearts at Valentine’s Day, or some creepy cobwebs and a ghoulish ghost at Halloween? Most stores are brimming with seasonal décor that you can pack up and store for next year. Still feeling crafty after making your photo frame? Step up the style-and the cuteness factor-by making your own decorations with ideas from Pinterest.

5. A Candy Dish

Yes, they’re kind of old fashioned, but really-who can resist a candy dish? These aren’t just your grandma’s peppermints anymore. Today’s candy dishes feature an assortment of old and new favorites, going way beyond the old hard candy assortment. Check out mega-sweet retailer It’s Sugar for fun and nostalgic candies from your childhood, such as gummy worms and mini boxes of Nerds, or go for classics such as tootsie rolls, mini-peanut butter cups, or caramels. Up the cuteness factor-and the fun-with an old fashioned gumball machine from Lucky Gumball. Your candy dish will have all your coworkers eager to stop by and say hello.

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The best thing about having something cute on your desk? It’s a welcome distraction from the serious business at hand. Whether you work in an office or at home, anything that brightens up the workday is a good thing.

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