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5 Easy-to-do Jobs for Job Seekers and Fresh Graduates

College prepares you for a life of unbridled sloth. It requires extensive time and attention; nowadays, newly graduated hopefuls struggle to find work. Upon completion of the degree when you don’t get the job you desire, it is completely natural to have a wave of questions about whether your degree is still worth the dedication. 

One of the misconceptions in the career world today is that jobs are limited to one’s academic credentials. Consequently, this mindset can drive careerists away from what they find as the painful pill to swallow, when reviewing their own qualifications. Some can argue that it is only our life’s experiences beyond classrooms that give us the unique skills we need for a bright career.

Here are the highest paying jobs for job seekers with or without a degree:

1. Power Plant Operators

Power plant operators work in the production units of electricty. This is a tough, yet high paying job. You don’t need any specific degree to apply for the job. The chances of getting hired by electricity, water, and coal plants are bright if you’ve some experience in relevant field.

Working Hours: 20-40 hours per week

Average Earning: $45,000 per year



2. Casino Managers

Casino managers (also known as Gaming Managers) work as pit bosses to make sure that the fun-filled activities for guests are available all time. As a casino manager you’ll be responsible to develop coordination with security guards for dealing with raucous guests. You can earn pretty decent money. Fortinately, such jobs remain available throughout the year, so keep checking for the opening of Casino Manager at nearby casinos. The best thing about this job is that you have freedom to choose flexibile working hours.

Working Hours: 15-30 hours per week

Average Earning: $60,000 per year


3. Business Operation Specialists

As a business operation specialist, you’ll work with multinational brands and large businsses for coordinating the projects, and other things like human resource, employees’ training workshops, and hiring of new staff. The business operation specialists need not to participate in day-to-day operations of the company, but their actual duty is to manage the things on the back end.

Working Hours: 30-60 per week

Average Earning: $75,000 per year


4. Transportation Inspectors

You can work as a transportation inspector to earn a smart livelihood. The job requires managing the things related to transportation, like inspectiong the on-road condition of subway cars, buses, motorcycles etc. The job isn’t tough but you’ve to work all day long to make sure that the transportation of a specific route isn’t messed up.

Estimated Working Hours: 25-45 hours per week

Average Earning: $70,000 per year


5. Elevator Repair and Installation

The job requires you to install, repair, and maintain elevators, escalators, and mechanical lifts. It’s a kind of construction job so you should hold a technical diploma before applying for the position. This is an excellent career option for those who love to work with their own hands, and don’t rely upon others to make money.

Working Hours: Average working hours per week are 30-50 hours

Average Income: $76,000 per year


Jobs are an integral part of our lives. They form sources of money to feed our basic requirements of life. The above five jobs can give a new edge to your professional life. A great first step you should take is to check the openings in newspapers and websites. Remember to customize your CV for each position you apply for and hopefully you should get an interview call!

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