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5 Easy Ways to Find Freelance Photographer Jobs

If you’ve got skills with a camera, you’ll find that working as a photographer can be the way to go. But getting hired by a photographer or agency is a lot harder than you’d think! It takes years of training to master the skills necessary to open your own studio, so what do you do in the meantime?

Easy: work as a freelance photographer! Here are a few easy ways you can find freelance photographer jobs TODAY:

#1 Start a website

Build a website of your own and use it to showcase all of the amazing pictures you have taken. If you don’t have a catalogue of photos, go out and shoot some NOW. Post all of those pictures to your website, using it as your portfolio of work. Then start sharing your website will everyone you meet! The more people see your work, the more chance they’ll like it and hire you to shoot for them.


The website ADBASE allows you to post your work online, in a place where art directors, ad agencies, design firms, and publishers will look to find new talent. You should add as many pieces as you can, giving the "right" people all the material they need to see your skill as a photographer. The chances of getting hired via ADBASE are quite high.

#3 Use Social Media

Sites like Facebook and Twitter can be very handy for promoting your photographer services. Not only are there myriad people looking to hire photographers for events, but you can look through Facebook groups to find job listings, get advice, and interact with others. LinkedIn is another great source to find photographer jobs and to spread word of your services.

#4 Go Online

The best places to find freelance photographer jobs: the internet! Guru, Elance, Craigslist, Indeed, and MediaBistro are all filled with hundreds or thousands of photographer job opportunities, if you know how to look! Go through all of these sites, and keep checking regularly to see what new jobs are posted. These are the best sites for real freelance work, and you’ll find that you can get lots of smaller jobs through them. They’ll be the small jobs you need to keep you in rent money until you land that big job!

#5 Check in local papers and magazines

Every newspaper and magazine has staff photographers on hand to shoot pictures, but they also often hire out on a freelance basis. It’s worth contacting your local paper to find out if they hire freelancers, or at least learn what you can do to become a staff photographer. You will find that magazines are always in need of quality talent to shoot good photos. You can also often sell good photos to magazines if you can find out how to get in touch with the right person.

With these five tools, you have everything you need to find good photographer jobs on a freelance basis. It will be a lot of hard work to find those jobs, but once you have a few, you’ll see that working freelance can pay off nicely!


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