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5 Easy Ways to Get Healthy This Summer

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When we think of summer, we think of picnics in the park, after-dinner walks to get our favorite ice cream, and barbecues featuring sticky ribs and crispy hot dogs. But while those foods and activities are fun, they aren’t exactly all that health-conscious. But you can still enjoy the summer season while maintaining your healthy lifestyle. Here are 5 ways to stay healthy this summer.

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1. Hydrate With More Than Just Water

We all know we’re supposed to drink a lot of water every day -- or at least the recommended 8 glasses. Think beyond water and hydrate with fun, summertime beverages. Order iced coffee instead of your usual hot drip coffee in the morning on the way to the office. Coffee is good for you after all -- it’s considered a good way to fight against diabetes and cancer. Add some lemon and lime slices to sparkling water. You’ll enjoy your drink much more than plain water but still cut down on sugar.

2. Try a New Workout

From yoga to pilates to barre classes to Crossfit -- not to mention going to the gym and running on the treadmill and using weights -- your workout options are endless. Why not take advantage of the warmer weather and start jogging in the evenings or even wake up early so you can get a run in before work? We’re more likely to stick to an exercise routine if we actually like what we’re doing, so use your summer to figure out what works for you and break a sweat with the type of workout that you love.

3. Change Up Your Diet

Summer is the ideal time to make a diet and lifestyle change since you’re always feeling pretty good thanks to the long days, beautiful sunshine and general sense of optimism in the air. If you’ve been looking to get healthier and change your diet, this would be a good time of year to try going vegan for a month or cutting out gluten or dairy. You can always go back to your old way of eating if it doesn’t work for you, but you might find that you love your new morning smoothie bowls or tofu-topped lunch salads.

4. Make Some New Friends

Part of being healthy is maintaining friendships and relationships. We can’t exist in a solo vacuum and stay healthy. This summer, cultivate a new friendship or two. You can reach out to someone that’s only been an acquaintance and ask them to go for coffee, or join a book club or running club to meet some new people.

5. Eat Healthy Produce Every Single Day

It’s easy to get caught up in the grind of work and life and to forget to eat enough healthy produce, but fruits and vegetables are basically the healthiest foods you could possibly consume. Make eating healthy produce a part of your daily routine. Have a fruit-packed smoothie and some toast for breakfast every day before work. Enjoy a huge salad for lunch, and make sure to eat two sides of veggies at dinner every night.

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Follow these 5 get-healthy tips and have a fun, healthy summer. From trying a new workout to adding more people to your circle of friends to eating more fruit, these are simple yet meaningful changes that can have a big impact on your life and well-being.

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