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5 Email Tools All Freelancers Should Have

Organisation and etiquette are the two most important aspects of using emails for freelancers. There’s a lot to remember and a mistake could cause you to miss a deadline or make a negative first impression. You don’t want anything like this to happen. Help yourself out by looking at some useful tools to help manage your email communications. In this article, we’re going to introduce you to five email tools we believe all freelancers should have.

1. Boomerang

Use Boomerang to make sure that the right person gets their email at an appropriate time. You don’t want to throw a message into a cluttered inbox late at night. The chances are your target will completely miss it. Instead, put this message in Boomerang and schedule it to send it at a certain time. It’s just like dropping it into a Drafts folder and saving it until later. The difference is you don’t have to come back to actually send it.

This is especially useful for freelancers who work unsociable hours.

2. The Email Game

You might wonder what The Email Game means. Well, it works with both Gmail and Google Apps. It essentially turns email communication into one big game through the use of gamification. You earn points by rushing through your inbox doing all the things you normally would. If you’re the type of person who finds themselves procrastinating over emails, this is the app for you.

What’s so good about it is it can get addictive. You want to get your averages down and you want your scores to increase. It can save you hours over the course of a year because it encourages you to avoid any superfluous thought.

Many freelancers have reported changing their habits just to beat the score, such as giving certain messages a higher level of priority.

3. Sidekick

Ever wish you had a fly on the wall with you? Well Sidekick really is the little sidekick you’ve been looking for. With it you can track the number of email opens and clicks you get. Over a period of time, it will gain enough information to start generating professional supports.

It helps you to find out whether a client has actually received your message or not. Some freelancers have even used it to discover whether a client is purposely delaying their replies, which can tell you a lot about the working relationship.

If you’re a fan of sending random marketing emails, this is a great tool because it can tell you how your prospects are reacting to them.


Deleting emails for a lot of us can feel like an uphill battle. No sooner are we done clearing through the mud and the garbage, we’re inundated with yet more pointless messages we don’t care about. It’s time-consuming and it’s making you unproductive. allows you to unsubscribe from the lists of people sending you this stuff you don’t care about en masse. You can even use the ‘roll up’ feature to give yourself a daily digest of messages from all the lists you do stay subscribed to.

5. Streak

Streak has more features than many of the other tools we’ve mentioned. In short, it lets you manage timelines from your Gmail account. You can easily manage projects and all associated communications from the pitch to the final payment. It saves you a lot of time running through your email inbox desperately trying to find that one message from six months ago.

It’s easy to make a separate box for each major contact that you can click on and access with ease. This will save you so much time and ultimately make it less likely information is going to fall through the cracks.

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