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WORKPLACE / OCT. 29, 2013
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5 Essential Productivity Boosting Apps

We’ve all been there - sat in the office with a to-do list as long as your arm, but not the slightest inclination to do any of it. Procrastination takes over and before you know it, the day is almost gone and your to-do list has barely changed. The result? Pulling all-nighters, taking work home and hiding from the boss until you’ve caught up on work. Not only does this kind of behaviour have a negative impact on your work life balance but it isn’t going to help your career prospects either. Work smarter, not longer and you’ll impress the higher ups; spend less time chained to your desk and lower your stress levels. However, if you think that’s easier said than done then there are a range of helpful apps available to boost your productivity levels. We’ve narrowed them down to these essential five:


Based on a time management technique created by Francesco Pomodoro in the eighties, the Pomodoro app works on the basis that if you set your mind to doing a single task for just 25 minutes your productivity levels will soar. By solely working on one project and avoiding all distractions for short bursts of time you’re more likely to concentrate fully and therefore get more work done.


Keeping track of your daily achievements is a great way to make you more efficient at work. By highlighting what you’ve done (and what you haven't) at the end of each working day, you can give yourself a pat on the back and boost your morale or come to the realisation that you’re not reaching your full potential. GridDiary does this by asking you a series of questions at the close of day, including what exercise you’ve done, what you’ve done for family members, how your mood was and what was the most successful thing you achieved.


Trying to start a new habit? It can be difficult, but Lift is an app that can help you achieve it. Whether you want to reply to all emails before you clock off, go for a swim before work or clear your desk by home time on Friday, Lift is like a life coach in your pocket – reminding you and motivating you every step of the way.


It’s easy to waste time when you come across something you’re keen to read, watch or do online. How many times have you promised yourself to come back to an article when you’re not at work, only to never find it again? How many more times have you just read it anyway, despite the fact you have a looming deadline? With the Pocket App, you can store anything you come across online to read later when you’re not so busy. You can pocket things from your web browser, over 300 apps and email, then read them at a more convenient time from your phone, tablet or computer.


Low ambient noise has been found to boost productivity levels so the team behind Coffitivity decided to create an app that would mimic the sounds of a coffee shop. Coffitivity claims that coffee shop noises boost creativity and make it easier to work in than a silent room. If you work from home and can hear little more than the clicking of your keyboard, you might find this app helps you tune into your work.

In a digital world where we are constantly attached to smart phones and tablets, there are thousands of productivity heightening apps to choose from. Do you have a favourite app that helps you get things done in the office?

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