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5 Essential Telecommuting Tools and Gadgets

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Telecommuting is mainly viewed as an alternative to corporate citizenship. While the former allows you to work from home or anywhere using various tools and gadgets, the latter requires you to take up a desk in an office and adhere to a strict work schedule. Forbes Magazine identifies telecommuting as the future of work as it helps with talent retention, bolsters productivity and provides access to a wider pool of talents since telecommuters work on a global scale. To blend in well in the world of telecommuting you require a number of essential tools and gadgets to give your cutting-edge skills the boost you need to succeed in life.

Computer and Computer Accessories

Computers are the key cornerstone of most telecommuting businesses and jobs, explaining why telecommuters go for the best computers in the market. You need them to handle everything, from writing to design work and communication which is made possible by computer accessories, such as modems, Internet routers and webcams. Computers can as well be paired up with fax machines, printers and scanners to help telecommuters perform their duties professionally and efficiently.

Tablets and Smartphones

When you’re not on your computer, which is your workstation as a telecommuter, Smartphones and tablets keep you connected to your clients and the rest of the virtual world. These communication gadgets are essential in keeping track of your work schedule besides boosting your response time to customer requests via e-mails, phone calls or instant texting.

Virtual Meeting Tools

You can work for nearly any modern company if you have the right set of virtual meeting tools. WebEx, Cisco, GoToMeeting and TeamViewer are examples of these tools which allow you to discuss concepts, make groundbreaking career presentations or to receive and give instructions while hearing and seeing each other on computer screens. These tools therefore make you feel connected to your client and the wider world and not as an isolated individual on your kitchen table or in your basement office.


It’s difficult to land major contracts as a telecommuter without a Virtual Private Network, abbreviated as VPN. The online tool enables you to steer off online sabotage expeditions to which you can unintentionally lose or leak your clients’ sensitive information. The software tool achieves this by encrypting all the data files you send or receive from clients or fellow virtual workers with whom you may be handling a grand project.

Cloud Servers

Every stint you handle as a telecommuter has to be filed and kept safely for future reference or as part of your career portfolio which you can use to apply for lucrative telecommuting jobs across the world. A couple of decades ago, file cabinets would have been appropriate but they were displaced by hard drive servers which are on their part getting swept away by cloud computing. The modern data storage technique is affordable and it enables you to access your files via the Internet anytime, anywhere. Cloud computing makes lost data recovery simple given its numerous features that include automatic data storage software updates.

Telecommuting provides a universal stage where you can meet and work for anyone at a decent fee without feeling constrained by workplace rules and regulations. It has wide ranging job offers making it similar to a talent orchestra show, which you should be a part of with the help of these top five telecommuting tools and gadgets.

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