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5 Facebook Status Ideas You Can Use to Engage Customers

Your Facebook page is a great way of engaging with customers. The problem is it’s easy to get locked in a cycle where you’re posting exactly the same things over and over again. You operate on a schedule of posting a funny status, posting a funny picture, and maybe asking a question. It’s boring. You’d get better results from posting nothing because this sort of schedule is so ineffectual.

You need to innovate if you’re going to keep getting success from Facebook. Understandably, this is difficult because you may think everything has already been done.

We’re going to go through five status ideas that you can use to better engage with your target audience. Read on to find out more!

#1 Your Daily Life

Look at the success of video games like The Sims. Look at the very existence of social media in the first place. We’re secretly intrigued at the prospect of other people’s lives. Even if they do turn out to live boring lives, we want to know what people are doing. Satisfy this itch. Satisfy this curiosity by bringing people into your daily business routine.

Not only do you provide some content unique to you, you’re also creating an aura of transparency. You appear human and you’re bringing people behind the scenes. You don’t have to be doing anything spectacular. Show people who’re you’re meeting and show people what you’re doing.

#2 Throwback Thursday (#TBT)

This little promotion didn’t take long to become popular on Facebook. It’s a type of promotion that involves posting something from the distant past. The easiest way to take advantage of this is to link pictures of the early days of your business. Make sure they’re at least a year old to qualify. It doesn’t matter if you’ve posted the pictures in the distant past; bring them back for a revival.

#3 Passing Thoughts

One way to get engagement is to post some of your passing thoughts. It doesn’t matter how mundane they are. Take what you would get from an impromptu brainstorming session and post it online. Regardless of whether your thoughts turn out to be utterly insane, people appreciate the honesty. Many fans even take pleasure in being able to add to your thoughts.

On a side note, this may lead to a grand idea to take your company forward.

#4 Behind the Scenes

Getting ready to launch a new product or service? It’s time to go behind the scenes and give your loyal fans something extra. Give someone a sneak peek of what you’re planning. For example, an author may post an extract of a chapter from their next book. It creates excitement and it always catches the attention because every sneak peek has some real value behind it.

What makes this tactic so effective is there are a million different ways in which you can offer a sneak peek. It doesn’t always have to involve a curtain that you can peek around!

#5 Post a Video

Videos have become even more popular on Facebook and elsewhere. People like them because they really do bring you into the world of another person. Feel free to use Vine, which lets you post a six-second video to get started. They can be humorous, creative, or even just you speaking to the camera.

Some companies have taken to answering fan question in this way. Rather than writing it out, they will offer a personalised video instead. It shows you’re willing to go the extra mile for your customers. Plus it makes it easier for people who prefer not to read long reams of text.

So instead of just following the same tried and tested status updates that you have been using for the last few years try shaking things up a bit. You are almost guaranteed to get a positive reaction from your fans.

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