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5 Festive Chocolicious Ideas For The Office

Chocolate isn’t just food. It’s a feel-happy drug, an aphrodisiac, and something you eat while you write articles...oh. Just me, then? Well- okay it is mostly food, but here are 5 ways to make it work for you in the office this Christmas.

1. Work Space eye candy


Forget tearing streamers, grotty tinsel and shedding needles- a festively-shaped chocolate figure makes a lovely addition to any desk. These chocolate reindeer aren’t just delicious, they’re also cute. The bonus is that you can eat it just before the holidays. Having a few chocolatey decorations is great because having a furtive nibble while draining an espresso or mocha will enhance the flavour of the coffee. Furtive nibble- you don’t want to be stuffing your face every time your boss looks over at you. You could also give the chocolate to a friend instead of eating it yourself- that’s more in the Christmas spirit. Chocolates as Christmas decorations may not be a great idea if a colleague sitting near you is on a diet. Their frog-eyed staring at your helpless choccy Santa will put you off your work or make you paranoid that when you come back from the photocopier, your chocolate will have mysteriously disappeared. 

2. Advent calendars


Forget boring box-shaped calendars and get tree-shaped or personalised calendars like these, which act as ornaments as well as calendars. These are fun to have on your desk because you can share the chocolate with friends, which means you’ll get through way more calendars than you should. If you don’t share them they are also fun because your co workers will stare at them with envy. You might even start a chocolaty trend in your office. Advent calendars can be used as a reward system: have a chocolate when you clinch a deal, make a successful phone call or finish a document. It may be a good idea to suggest that the management implements this target-setting incentives system year-round. Who needs a bonus when you can have chocolate instead?

3. Christmas tree decorations


Decorate a little Christmas tree with purpose-made hanging chocolates and put it on your desk. It’ll be the most chocolatey-decorated tree in the office. Cadbury’s do chocolate decorations and even caramel ones. They’re available in most supermarkets or direct from Cadbury’s.

4. Chocolate fountains


Small chocolate fountains start from as little as £10 (Argos even do a pretty pink one) and would be brilliant to have on your desk. Obviously, you probably won’t be allowed to have this in your workspace, but see if you can talk your boss into hiring one for the Christmas do. Remember that scene in the Vicar of Dibley when Geraldine sticks her head into the chocolate fountain? You might not want to do that.

5. Hot chocolate


Try drinking hot chocolate instead of coffee for two weeks. It’s a pointless experiment, but it might establish whether or not you have a caffeine addiction (though caffeine is present in small amounts in chocolate as well). At the very least you might get a decent if very short-lived blog out of it (try blogspot or Wordpress to start a free blog that you can share with your colleagues and friends. They may think it’s interesting. Or maybe not.) Hot chocolate with marshmallows will make you feel more Christmassy than coffee. Try inviting colleagues out for a hot choc instead of a coffee. A hot chocolate kit in your cupboard is ideal for the time-pressed.


There’s chocolate for every time and place, and Christmas is one of the times of year when chocolate really comes into its own, whether as a decoration, snack or beverage. Chocolate is a delicious way to spread some Christmas cheer.

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