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5 Foods that Ruin your Mood

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1. Margarine
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Packed with omega-6 fatty acids, margarine is known to spike insulin levels and affect your perfectly good mood. Try to opt for a more natural option, such as coconut or olive oil, can not only give the same result in terms of taste, but it is a much healthier alternative. So next time refrain from slathering your toast in margarine and watch the happy mood continue all day long!

If you are planning to have a sandwich soaking with margarine, a bagel and peanuts for a snack and potato chips as an after-meal snack, accompanied with a fizzy drink - you should be prepared for a whole afternoon of mood swings. Why? Because you just managed to eat 5 foods that scientifically are known to destroy your good mood (and, not to mention, your health!)

So before you rip open that packet of salted crisps, read about the effect it can have on your mood:

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