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5 Free Mobile Apps Nannies Can Use in Their Jobs

Nannies have a job that can be both fulfilling and challenging as they take care of other people’s children. Anything that can make their work life easier would be welcomed by most nannies. There are a variety of mobile apps that can help nannies throughout the hours worked caring for children. This article will discuss five of those free mobile apps.

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1. WebMD

Every nanny should have the WebMD app on their mobile phone. Children can often catch colds and a nanny can use the app to get instant access to trusted medical advice and health and wellness information at any time, from anywhere. The mobile site is user-friendly, and individuals can view slideshows, review articles, and get answers to various health questions. Nannies who care for children with seasonal allergies can make good use of the “Local Health Forecasts” to ascertain the severity of pollen in their location. They can even check on the harshness level of the UV rays for that day. Additionally, nannies can access first aid information which is vital for dealing with minor cuts or bumps and bruises.

2. Schedule Planner

In order to keep the daily schedule in control, nannies can use the Schedule Planner app which is available on iPhone, iPad, Android and Kindle devices. Not only can a nanny keep track of the hours scheduled for caregiving, Schedule Planner is an excellent mobile tool to make sure that none of the children’s daily activities are missed. Users can schedule their day and make sure that organization rules and frustration doesn’t.

3. Karoo created the Karoo app to help users save childhood moments through videos and photos that can be shared with those only in your specific network. This mobile app is an excellent way nannies can help parents stay connected with their children. For example, any photos or videos that the nanny takes of the children in their care can be shared with the parents. The app is free, there is no membership or storage fees, and members can store as many photos and videos that they want to. Parents (or those who are also included in the network) can comment on the posted videos or photos. Additionally, nannies can utilize the “Care Logs” to send various feeding, care or medical updates to the parents to stay continually connected.

4. DOL-Timesheet

The US Department of Labor has created the Timesheet app, which is only available for download on iOS devices. Users can utilize the mobile app to track their hours worked and then have the amount calculated that they are owed. The mobile calculator also tracks overtime pay with calculations at a rate of time and a half of the regular rate. This is for time worked over the regular 40 hours. However, users cannot calculate bonuses, tips, commissions, weekend pay, holiday pay, deductions or shift differentials. This app is perfect for nannies that are not employed through a caregiver organization, but are self-employed. Nannies can also input comments about the day, if needed. There may be situations where a nanny works for different families. This DOL app can track separate work hour lists.

5. Foodily

Many nannies are responsible for cooking for the children that they care for. The Foodily app offers a wide variety of recipes from around the globe. It is considered the world’s largest social recipe network. Users can find new recipes and share recipes with others. Most nannies are interested in cooking healthy meals for the children that they care for. They can utilize this app to get ideas from friends that they follow as well as from food experts like Wolfgang Puck and Cat Cora.

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If you’re a nanny and have used any of these apps or others during your caregiving experiences, we’d love to hear from you. Feel free to post your thoughts in the comments section below.

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