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5 Funniest Reasons Employees Lost Their Jobs


Losing your job certainly does not feel good. Sometimes, one can lose their job due to unforeseen circumstances that cannot be controlled. The whims of a psychotic boss or negative results and ineffective corporate strategies, for example, can have an otherwise outstanding worker packing up his cubicle.

Of course, it could be a huge blunder, gaffe or mistake - that has a major impact on the company’s reputation or budget- that can lead to a dismissal.

In this article, I share some of the funniest reasons employees lost their jobs:

Woman Fired for TYPING IN ALL CAPS

Vicky Walker in New Zealand was fired for using bold, red, uppercase letters in an e-mail to co-workers. The employer considered capital letters confrontational and fired her without previous notice. The funny part is that during the wrongful termination proceedings –  in which she won $17,000– her former employer used the same methods when writing her emails. Well, imagine what could have happened if the employee was ending the e-mail with a smiley face!

Gross-out Kitchen Antics

Two Domino’s Pizza workers. Michael Setzer and Kristy Hammonds filmed a prank in the restaurant’s kitchen and the foolish employees then posted it on YouTube! In the video, the two employees, were sneezing on sandwiches, cleaning a pizza pan with a sponge previously used to wipe his bare bottom just moments before. Call it stupidity or depravity, Domino’s reputation was ruined in no time, with loyal customers second-guessing their relationship with Domino’s. At least, the idiot workers were fired and faced criminal charges for messing with food.

A Wii Bit Stupid

Three radio DJs at KDND-FM in Sacramento asked listeners to drink as much water as possible without going to the bathroom, as part of a competition. The prize for the winner was a Nintendo Wii console. Jenifer Strange, a 28-year-old contestant, spent hours drinking two gallons of water, and she ended up dying of water intoxication. The hosts were allegedly joking about how Strange’s stomach was bloated from guzzling such a big quantity of water! The DJs together with seven other morning show employees were immediately fired.

Frequent Bathroom Use

Dawn Steckmann was fired by her former high-tech employer because she was using the restroom too often while she was pregnant. Steckmann and other employees at the company were never told they needed to clock out before using the toilet. However,  the employer claimed that she was “stealing from the company” for using the bathroom at the company’s expense. Steckmann sued her employer, for whom she had worked for a decade, for $406,000.

Took Pictures of a Patient with a Mobile Phone

Two nurses at Mercy Walworth Medical Center in Lake Geneva were reprimanded for snapping photos of a patient’s X-ray and posting them on Facebook. The patient was admitted to the emergency room with an object lodged in his rectum, hence the two nurses snapped the photo when they found out that this object was actually a sex device. Both nurses were dismissed for violating patient’s privacy.

These are some of the funniest and stupidest reasons employees have lost their jobs. Do you know of any other funny reasons why employees got fired? Please share your stories with us.


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