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5 Genius Marketing Tools You Need to Start Using Now

Creating an effective product or useful service is only one part of the puzzle that is running a company. You need to make sure that the public is aware of what you offer, and have enough information to make the decision to trust their hard earned cash with your company.

There are numerous marketing tools currently available, all designed to help someone identify and reach one segment of the population or another. By utilizing a variety of tools, you are guaranteeing that information regarding your product or service will reach as large an audience as possible. Here are some tools that have proven to be effective in helping small business owners, and freelancers, get off the ground in a jiffy.


This tool automates the often tedious process of monitoring dozens of social media sites. It identifies all instances where your company or product is mentioned, and presents the information in an easy to understand form.

Perfect for business owners with not enough time to read the nuances of a multi-page report, the company behind this marketing suite set out to create a readout that can be understood with a single glance. With a single click of the mouse, you can dive deep into the data, seeing what is working and where it is having the greatest positive impact.

Smartling [302 from https://www.smartling.com/product/?pi_ad_id=48558399186]

English is not the only language on this planet. It is not even the majority language, thanks to a combination of Mandarin and Hindi. While it is used predominately in scientific and programming circles due to its flexibility, the language is not common for the average person on the street.

As someone offering your products to a world-wide audience, the ability to communicate with them in their own language is vital. Smartling will automatically translate every written word you send its way, allowing you to swiftly prepare your site and documentation for nearly every nation around the globe.

Log My Calls

A sales call is more complex than most people realize. When communicating with other people, everything from the spacing used to the vernacular espoused plays into the client’s decision as to whether or not to use your company.

Log My Calls will automatically interpret all recorded sales calls, using the latest in marketing research to detail what went right, and what went wrong. In just a few moments, you will figure out what needs to be improved upon during your sales calls, and thus, maximize the potential revenue these calls can generate.

Google Alerts

This hardly qualifies as new, though few people are aware of it. It is well known that a simple Google search can make or break a company; though looking through the results on a daily basis can easily turn into a major headache.

Google Alerts will run an automated search for you on a constant basis, emailing you whenever something new crops up with your company name or product listed. This is a vital tool for any company that wishes to stay ahead of the curve ball known as public relations, for the opportunity to refute or fix a bad review can make the difference between turning a profit or having the business shut down.

No amount of marketing tools will help your company if the product or service is substandard. Instead, utilize the time savings gained from these services to work to improve your company. That is the only way to stay ahead of the competition, and to help the public view your company as being at the forefront of your respective business fields. 

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