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NETWORKING / APR. 05, 2016
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5 Great Gifts for Your Business Clients

Everyone loves free stuff- even if it’s emblazoned with the name of erectile dysfunction medication, and although you perceive your business clients only as numbers, they are people too and they (being people) also like free stuff. So, here are some great items that are bound to put a smile on their face and remind them that your company not only does a great job but it gives them free swag.

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1. Experience

There has been a recent shift in consumer trends, more people are opting for experiences than actual consumer goods. Nothing says “I love your money” um…I mean “We Love you” more than an experience based gift. Of course, this needs to be done on a case to case basis; if your clients consist of older individuals they won’t appreciate a day base jumping as much as they will an all-expenses paid wine tasting.  You could even offer a suite of experiences allowing the customers to choose the combination they prefer. A quant colonial B&B and diving with sharks? Sure, why not!

2. Services


No! No! I’m not talking about services of a sexual nature, I’m talking about massages, spa days or mani/pedis. Generally a gift that promotes well-being or relaxation will always be well-received, because after-all in this crazy hectic world who wouldn’t relish a day dedicated to kicking your feet up and being pampered until you can barely walk. No, again, I am not talking about sexual services, did you not even read what I just said?

3. The Gift Of Power

No, this doesn’t involve assisting your client in a hostile take-over of their company’s administration-dude, seriously what’s wrong with you. This means giving your clients literal electrical power in the form of a power-bank. Most people carry large screened smartphones, some people carry two; a personal and a business one. Add on top of that a laptop and a tablet and most people have more batteries than a Tesla. Power-banks also generally have tons of real-estate that you can print your company’s name, number, website and email on. And just think how much your client will love you when they will use your cool power bank to charge the dangerously low battery on their phone.

4. Subscriptions

subscription box

I’m not talking about your grandma’s subscription to Cosmo- now there are a slew of so-called subscription boxes to cater to almost every need and want under the sun from Japanese Candy all the way to more adult wares. The more normal subscription boxes include things that any nerd would swoon over and a custom selection of designer jewelry. These gifts are literally the gift that keeps on giving, every single month.

5. Coffee

drinking coffee

If there is one thing that is indispensable for any office, it’s coffee and gifting for coffee lovers is a caffeinated dream. From creative funky mugs, to coffee grinders and even coffee of the month clubs if your client loves the liquid gold, then your gift will be heavily used (especially before a looming deadline).

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Do you have any other gift giving ideas? Let us know in the comment section below.

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