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5 Great Tools to Flaunt your Visual and Artistic Skills

The ability to express oneself in their profile differentiates a good job applicant from an ordinary one. Modern job seekers must be on their toes when it comes to knowing the different job-application tools, learning what methods modern hirers are using and also mastering the art of social media networking.

The traditional method of applying for jobs through paper resume is dying fast. Your online presence plays a key role if employers have to notice you quickly. If you are in a creative industry or want to be more creative with your resume, you could try out the resources listed below. These platforms help you to be proactive with your resume-type webpages and gain more exposure especially if you are a photographer, web designer, illustrator or graphic designer. Additionally they are not only easy to use but are free.



The website offers an awesome blend of resources and graphics to design a professional and appealing resume-style webpage. To enhance your presence on the web, features a variety of templates and can also extract information from thirty five different services. It will get all the required web pages into a single place. You can also sign up as a paid user if you want to avail more options. It requires no coding at all.

2)      Jobs with Friends


The tagline of this site reads “Get Referred, Get Hired”. ‘Jobs with Friends’ is an exclusive job search website that allows you to search for jobs through friends or people you know. The website can detect where your connections are located, search for jobs in their organizations and also request your contacts for referrals via LinkedIn or Facebook. Isn’t that awesome?

3) is an excellent tool for a rapid DIY web-based resume. You can make custom stats, make a list of recommendations and add skills at ease. This platform is great when it comes to flaunting your visual skills. You can choose a style and theme from the database available. You can make a graphical representation of your resume contents, making use of the available bar graphs, circles, bubbles and more.


These days, there is a craze for infographics on the net. Why don’t you make one for your resume, flaunting a visually summary of your work history? is a wonderful infographic generator, which has recently partnered with Kelly Services (a workforce solution company) to provide samples of extremely creative infographic resumes. Resumes of this kind will help you stand out more than an ordinary online profile or the traditional hard copy resume. 

5) helps you pull out information from your LinkedIn profile. The built-in infographic tab helps you create graphical representation of your resume and also add details about your skills and other personal interests. You can also include your portfolio into the page. This website does not allow social media linking. Instead, you can generate a QR code graphic, which you can share, post and promote.

In the tough, crowded job market of today, the above tools can help you create a killer webpage resume. You will benefit hugely as prospective employers will notice a visual resume quicker and easier. There is only one opportunity to make a first impression. So don’t miss it.


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