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JOB SEARCH / APR. 06, 2016
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5 Job Search Hacks Every Job Seeker Should Know

The job market is tough, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that finding a job should be difficult. In fact, landing a job is easy; it’s just that you – and possibly your parents, think that it’s the hardest thing in the world. So really, job hunting is just as hard as you make it. My question is why don’t you try to make it easier for yourself?

Obviously, here I am not talking about the fact that you should become the most optimist and hopeful person in the world, start living in the clouds and change your attitude towards your (un)employment status – even though this is also important to job search success. What you need to do is take advantage of the tools that are freely available to you and make the most out of your job search.

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So here are five job search hacks that will make your life a lot easier as a jobseeker:

1. Keep a Job Search Log

Everything becomes easier when you decide to become more organised. Once you start applying for jobs, it’s useful to keep track of the information you collect in one place. JibberJobber is an app that helps you do that, allowing you to write down important details about your job search including the name of the companies that you apply to as well as the positions that you showed interest in. This should help you keep track of the status of the job applications you have made and evaluate your job hunting efforts as a whole.

2. Increase Your Reputation

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The truth is that nobody knows how good you are in your area of study and the only one who can say with confidence that you have what it takes to get the job is you. So why not start your job search with a personal branding strategy? Create a portfolio, share your work on social media, and promote yourself as much as possible. This is the only skill you will ever need to get a job that you deserve and matches your qualifications. Why? Because doing so requires that you are self-assertive and super-proactive. Social Mention is an excellent tool that helps you monitor your social reputation and tracks what people are saying about you on social media.

3. Use LinkedIn

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For some job seekers, it’s common sense to use LinkedIn when searching for a job, but there is still a large proportion of people who aren’t members of this professional community. But what they don’t quite realize is that this is a big loss for them not only in terms of time but also connections. Employers can easily reach out to you when you have a LinkedIn profile and present what you have to offer to them right there on that very page.

Also, what about those connections that could be looking for a guy just like to fill in a position in their company? Or what about those who can introduce you to someone who is looking to hire? Becoming a LinkedIn member, doesn’t only help you retain your online presence but also improves your networking efforts and helps you stay relevant.

4. Save Your Connections’ Contact Details

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Being organised is essential to job search success, not only in terms of tracking your progress, but also in saving your connections’ contact details. With Insightly, you can manage and organise the business cards that you collect from other people, and create a reminder to follow up at a later date. In this way, whenever you need to contact some people you have met at a networking event, for example, all of their details are saved in this system for your own convenience.

5. Create a Stronger Resume

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Many unlucky jobseekers don’t get the job because of the Applicant Tracking System - the ATS rejects their resume and never makes its way to the recruiters. But those job applicants haven’t heard of Resunate, the web-based software that helps their resume get past the robots. Checking your resume with this system will help you improve your chances of getting hired. With Resunate, you can check how your resume scores on the ATS and make the appropriate changes to it so that it relates to each position you are applying for.

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As far as it concerns searching for a job, you shouldn’t be making it harder for yourself. If you want to get found for the right opportunity, you have to do what’s best for you, coming up with the easiest solution to getting yourself out there and noticed by employers. Essentially, that’s the only way you can find your dream job!

So, what will be your next job search plan? Let me know your thoughts in the comments section below…

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