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5 Jobs for People With a Bachelor’s Degree in Agribusiness in the US


Just as its name suggests, agribusiness is a blend of both agriculture and business. Agribusiness students have an intricate understanding of agricultural and business management concepts, which they use to help farmers engage in agricultural activities that are commercially viable. The degree, which integrates courses in finance, agricultural production, land management and consumer behavior, can be pursued in any of the following top universities:

Upon graduation, you can become a:

1. Agricultural Loan Officer

Although the agriculture industry keeps the nation’s workforce well-fed, the risks involved in agricultural lending have in the not so distant past forced banks and other lending institutions to turn down farmers looking for loans. And here is where Agricultural loan officers come in! Their job is to review applications for agricultural loans and determine the credit worthiness of applicants. Ultimately, they determine whether an applicant should receive a loan. According to the National FFA Organization, these loan officers earn $58,200 a year.

2. Pricing Analyst

Pricing analysts with an academic background in agribusiness analyze the prices of agricultural products. They study the conditions that affect the performance of agricultural markets and forecast the prices of various products. This allows farmers to gain an insight into how much money they can make from agricultural sales. These analysts are mainly hired by market research firms and agricultural companies. Indeed reports agricultural pricing analysts earn an average salary of $63,000 annually.

3. Farm Manager

Large farms need to be managed professionally in order to improve profitability. The work of a farm manager with a bachelor’s degree in agribusiness goes beyond supervising farm workers. They use their expertise to procure farm supplies at cost-effective rates and manage budgets for agricultural production activities. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, you should expect to earn about $73,210.

4. Agricultural Sales Representative

If you possess excellent selling skills, you can combine them with your agribusiness knowledge to become an Agricultural sales representative. Your job will be to help farmers find buyers for their products. For example, a large scale wheat farmer can hire you to find manufacturing or food processing plants that can purchase the product at a given price. Some Agricultural sales representative also work for manufacturers of agricultural machinery, where they sell tractors and other farm machines to farmers. Salary Expert notes that Agricultural sales representatives can earn as much as $86,000 a year.

5. Land Manager

Land managers advise farmers on how they can boost the productivity and profitability of the land they devote to agriculture. When a private land owner wants to engage in farming, he can turn to a land manager with a background in agribusiness to devise a suitable farming strategy. If you choose this profession, you should also have an understanding of federal and state laws and regulations governing the use of land. Other employers of land managers include government agencies and land reclamation companies. You can expect to pocket $69,000 a year, according to Indeed.

Clearly, a bachelor’s degree in agribusiness enables you to pursue some of the careers that are almost exclusively reserved for business graduates. It also gives you the opportunity to be part of the industry that feeds the nation!

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