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5 Jobs for People With Aviation Management Degrees

A degree in Aviation Management splits your career focus, giving you basic management concepts as well as practical aviation industry knowledge. Your experience from a robust curriculum prepares you for hands-on attachments as well as administrative office work.

As an aviation manager, you can break away from the mundane aspects of a typical management job such as Human Resources or taking up work in a broad category such as Airport Manager. A career in Aviation Management makes you a part of the other exciting categories of management offered by the degree, some of which are highlighted below.

Airline Management

If you’re employed by an individual airline, your duty is to oversee their overall operations and ascertain that all administrative processes are running smoothly. Additionally you supervise flight and ground operations, handling of baggage and cargo and the coordination of flight crew and ground staff. Most of your work is geared towards customer service that could include manning gates or ticketing booths.

Air Traffic Control

With appropriate Federal Aviation Administration training, your work is to ensure landing and departure procedures on the runway are followed. As an airport terminal controller, your work in the traffic control tower or on the ground is to direct the movement of the plane while on the runway. There is also a radar approach and departure control section where you’re required to monitor the movement of planes in the immediate airspace.

Insurance and Safety Inspector

Flight security always has to be of the highest degree, and part of your job is to safeguard your passengers as well as fellow staff. You may be required to inspect work done by mechanics and technicians on aircrafts, monitor maintenance records and ensure that all the equipment necessary performs optimally.

Aviation System Planning

The field of aviation transport is constantly expanding and growing and your expertise in management is necessary in forecasting the air service needs of a community, region or state. Your work in planning will be broad and involves your ability to apply your skills in airspace utilization, terrain suitability, land-use planning among other technical aspects of airport operations.

Consultative Position with Various Organizations

Aviation Management is not just limited to the airport facility and environment. You can expand your career opportunities by working with various organizations that need your expertise for consultation on issues concerning air travel. Some of these include the National Transport and Safety Board (NTSB), Department of Homeland Security, Federal Department of Transportation among others.

Work in aviation is not just limited to the work of pilots and flight attendants. It is engaged in a number of positions and you get to be part of the team that enables the safe movement of flights on the ground and in the air. It is a field that constantly keeps you on your toes and you are guaranteed a new experience every day on the job. Furthermore, in your interactions, you develop a broad knowledge and understanding of technical and managerial skills, equipping you for a fulfilling, long-term career.

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